Monday, April 3, 2017

Life's too short...

Morning, all!  Sorry I didn't get a chance to hop on here on Friday...or any other times this weekend😉  And not only was the weekend a whirlwind, but so was this past week.  I had no consistency with meals last week since most nights I was running back out the door to teach and lunch turned into dinner.  Sooooo with that said, since I don't have a 'weekly wrap-up' to share with you, I figured I'd just share a few treats (healthy or otherwise😉) that I had this week.  And why not throw in a few quotes to make up for Friday, shall we??

Healthy bites this week:

Blueberry oat bars:
These were such a hit from the 2015 Bikini Series that I have NO idea why it took me this long to make them again.  Ya just whirl all the ingredients in the food processor, press it into a pan, bake, done.  Plus they're soooo good, sweet from natural sweeteners of maple syrup & blueberries and filling from the added protein...which my body NEEEEEEDS for breakfast.  NEEDS.  Or I'm a crazy, ravished animal for the ENTIRE rest of the day😉

Greek Cucumber Noodles Recipe on Love this quick and healthy recipe! #glutenfree:
Another recipe that I was fascinated with trying...mostly because A.- I will eat anything with kalamata olives involved & B.- the hummus topper??  Genius.  This was delicious, light & healthy...with a little kiss of decadence from those kalamatas and the feta.  Swoon😍

Mini Ham and Cheese Quinoa Cups are the perfect, poppable, gluten-free breakfast or snack recipe. Easy, delicious and loved by kids and adults alike! |
My love for quinoa cups is still rollin this week.  A batch of these cooked on Sunday = a healthy lunch in 60 seconds during the week.  Weeeeeeeeee!

I have made this recipe (sans the frosting from this old picture) a million and one times and once I bake them, I don't understand why I don't keep these stocked in my fridge at ALL times.  They are completely decadent and chocolate-y, perfect for that mid-afternoon sweet tooth...AND guilt-free.  Plus, I love, love, love any time you use oat flour (or ground oats) as a base.  It just FEELS good for the old bod.

And in the "Life is too short" Category...
Since March was coming to an end last week (whattttt???) I realized I only had a few more days to get my hands on the March-only delicacy known as St. Joseph's pastry.  And since we were near my VERYFAVORITE bakery on Monday, Nino's Pastry shop, we decided to stop in after Katie's gymnastics lesson.  Only problem?  As I was walking up, I realized a bakery probably wouldn't be open on was stated on the I was WALKING IN.  Yes, for some reason the door was open while the owner was in there getting a jump on his week's inventory.  As I was apologizing for disturbing him, he asked me what I wanted...and when I mentioned the St. Joseph's treats, he proceeded to MAKE THEM FOR ME.  Fresh & off the presses!
How often does THAT happened in life??  I left feeling soooooo incredibly grateful (because HOW NICE IS THAT???) ANDDDD really excited to tear into these little jewels.  I wasn't even planning on eating them that day when I purchased them...but life is too short for denying THAT kinda TOTALLY FRESH goodness.  And OF COURSE not only were they sooooooo delicious, but those pastry edges still had a bit of a crispy edge, which sends me into stratospheric levels of joy😉   If you're in the Hamilton area, you MUST MUST MUST go to Nino's.  + best cannoli's I've EVER had...and I've been to Italy.  So there's that😉  And an owner who was gracious enough to make a customer a pastry ONTHESPOT WHEN they were closed!  Terribly impressive.

And a few food for thoughts moments to kick off your Monday...

Choose what you feed your mind.:


trust the wait:

Quotes Of The Day – 10 Pics:
I could barely get through that one without my voice cracking😉  Typical😉

Have a great kick-off to the week!

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