Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Emotion vs. the Bigger Picture...

So I've been trying to compose a blog post for this "mental weight loss Wednesday" for several weeks.  Problem is, with these posts, I have to dig deep and write them early so I can let them 'marinate' and brew naturally before posting them.  Problem is, with busy schedules (just like ALL of us), I usually find myself not get set to type them out until Wednesday night at 11:59pm😊.  But I heard a great piece of advice last week and thought it could pertain to, um, delayed blog posting😉, as well as making healthy choices in both food & exercise...
Don't succumb to the emotion of the moment.
We've all been there right?  We've had a long day, running around doing a million things and that couch is calling your name.  Only "problem" is you just WANT to get that workout in, but don't FEEL like doing it.  Right now, your head is telling you you just want to collapse on that couch and binge on hours of "Real Housewives of NYC" TV.  Here's where this advice REALLY comes in handy:  Don't let the EMOTION of that moment, take you off your goals of the BIGGER PICTURE.  Now, don't get me wrong:  there are times when you TRULY know you just NEED to rest.  And that's OK.  But here's the key to knowing the difference:  if you know you're not going to feel guilty about skipping a workout, you needed rest.  But if you KNOW you're gonna feel bummed about passing up that workout- deep down you WANTED to workout, even if you didn't FEEL like doing it in the moment.  Try your best to sort through those emotions in that moment, take a few breaths to quiet the mind and see if you can hear that little voice inside that knows the difference between "just take a break, your body needs it" vs "you KNOW you're going to feel better if you just get up and do it."  Come from a place a peace, but recognizing which voice is telling you to relax:  your mind or that little voice inside who knowwws what you need in those moments.  Sometimes it's peace and sometimes it's just taking that one more step to get you off the couch and get that workout done & over before you know it.

Um, same goes with writing blog posts😉

AND same with food choices too, right??  Here's a good moment to check in with ourselves to note whether we're eating out of emotion or because we TRULY want what we're craving.  A good 'second thought' to keep in your mind:  Do I really want this (fill in the blank:  chocolate, ice cream sundae, entire bag of salty chips...mmmmm, chips) because I'm feeling stressed/anxious/etc at this moment?  And if so, IS this treat going to change any of those emotions after I polish off that last bite?  Or am I just going to feel worse...and then crave MORE stuff?  ALSO, am I eating (your treat of choice) out of HABIT?  Just because it's in front of me or it's what I normally do when I watch a show at the end of a day.  And again, there are times you NEED that chocolate...because if you don't have it, you're now 'denying yourself' and that's going to create resentments.  At those times:  have the darn chocolate, live your life and be happy.  But if you know it's not worth the calories and you're just having it because you're bored/stressed/it's in front of you/choose you're own reason, try your best to breath to get to the NEXT moment where you can move away from it with no second thoughts.  

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Try your best to think of the big picture of what you REALLY want, a healthier lifestyle or completing ANY task, and ask yourself which one you TRULY want more in THIS moment, separate from those emotions.  98% of the time it only takes a few extra moments, just a few extra calming breaths, to check in with ourselves and find an answer that is coming from a place of peace vs. the emotions OF the moment.  Always come from'll never lead you wrong😉


Just had to thow that in there.  It felt right😉

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