Monday, March 13, 2017

Food for the stomach...

Hey, all!  How does it happen that I write a post and it's "I'll write more ASAP!," and then I blink and it's 3 months later??😐  It has been EXTRA wild how quick some days/weeks/months fly by.  Sooooo...all that said, and I've been wanting to get back on here for WEEKS and today it seems to finally be the day😉  I've been wanting to revive my "Weekly recap" posts, since I always think it's a good peek at balancing a 'healthy-ish' lifestyle...blending the indulgences with the healthier options and all the exercise to help keep it all together.
And since 97% of the time I forget to take photos (in a flurry of starving & trying to feed 3 other people😉) I figured maybe I'd just start using their source photos (since I've crediting the recipe anyways) which are always WAY prettier than mine😉  It should make for a prettier posting☺

So anyway, without further's my weekly wrap-up for the week...

Monday:  (Leftover) Biscuits & sausage gravy

Image result for chrissy teigen sausage and biscuits
More on Chrissy Teigen's cookbook below, but these were definitely leftover from a few days before.  Momma ain't makin biscuits from scratch on a MONDAY. NIGHT.

Tuesday:  Taco Salad of my own photos!  Heeeeeeey!

Wednesday:  Jok Moo (Thai Pork & Rice porridge)
Thai Pork and Rice Porridge- gluten free
So the one thing I ask for every Christmas is AT LEAST one new cookbook that I'm really excited about because (dork alert) one of my favorite things to do on those lazy days lounging by the tree is read (yes, READ) through them and pick out ALLTHETHINGS I'm going to make in the next year (ps- Pioneer Woman's "A Year of Holidays" was one of my all-time FAVORITES to read through!)  So on tap this year was Chrissy Teigen's cookbook "Cravings."  And there's always one recipe in any given book that just CAPTIVATES me, that I JUST. CAN'T. WAIT. to make.  And among all the FABULOUS recipes in her book; THIS RECIPE, for whatever reason, was the one that just spoke to my SOUL😉  So much so that we made it for the 1st time two days after Christmas and a love affair was born.  Creamy, cozy and studded with Thai flavors, I just couldn't wait to make it again!  BONUS:  The leftovers (which are an awesome lunch quick heat-up) are even BETTER!

Thursday:  Chicken Fajitas (in lettuce wraps) + broccoli
The BEST Chicken Fajitas are incredibly simple with no marinating step. Just chop then sizzle. Tastes just like a restaurant's version! |
I spent all day trying to figure out what combo of lettuce wraps + chicken sounded good.  It was almost an "OH DUH!" moment when I thought of good ole fajitas.  Plus: who can argue with THAT?

Friday:  Homemade pizza
And by homemade, I mean:  Trader Joe's dough, sauce & mozzella😉

Saturday:  Rainforest Cafe
So since Saturday was my birthday, what else do you do?  But plan all your activities around your kids, of course!  (soooooo never thought I'd be "that person," but ILOVEIT😍)  So we headed north to our closest Rainforest Cafe because I knewwwwww the kids would love it and I was right!  The burger & nachos were good, but the highlight was watching the kids eyes light up at all the moving animals and those indoor thunder stroms😉
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Philly Cheesesteak Pasta - Twisted:

This Sinful Coconut Cake recipe is made in a slow cooker so it does not need any kind of babysitting at all. Perfect dessert for a busy celebration. Enjoy!
When I was scannin through the files of 'what I'd want to wrap up birthday weekend,' it had 2 requirements:  1- A LOT OF 'hands off' time & 2- COCONUT (shocking, I know)  As much as INMYHEAD I thought (ON THE PRIOR THURSDAY!) of "Oh, it would be JUSTSOGREAT to spend the Sunday cooking in the kitchen with Katie!," I knew that fantasy would come down crashing QUICK when a busy day couples with a hungry family and then you are just SETTING YOURSELF UP, FOLKS!  (and isn't 'cooking with kids' 98% of the time more fun in your mind vs. reality??😉)  So I picked a menu that involved about a half hour of 'throwing everything together' and then just letting it all cook the rest of the day. 
AND OK, OK...ya want to know how it tastes, of course!  The cake was...interesting.  It was described as a flan/cheesecake texture and it certainly WAS.  Which I forgot to warn Scott about and he thought he was just eating undercooked cake.  So there's that.
But the pasta???   OUT. OF. THE. PARK!  MAKE. IT. NOW!  As good as you'd imagine tender beef, cheese sauce and pasta to be😉

Other treats this week:

Trader Joe's Canneles De Bordeaux
I wish I was as fancy as that above photo suggests...but it's really just to show you these lovely little treats I'm INLOVE with!  The promise of "caramelized on the outside and creamy on the inside" was too intriguing to skip!  They were perfect, vanilla custard-like and 120 calories a pop!  Weeee!


Monday:  Taught Gentle yoga

Tuesday:  Taught vinyasa yoga + 3 mile walk

Wednesday:  Taught gentle yoga + BODY JAM!!!!!!!  (haven't done that in a hot minute and it was soooooooooooooooooooooo fun!)

Thursday:  Taught 2 yoga classes

Friday:  Taught gentle class + 2 mile walk

Saturday:  Taught Hatha yoga + HOURS of MALLWALKING and lugging ALLTHESTUFF😉

Sunday:  Taught vinyasa yoga

Hope you guys liked this first post back in a whileeeeeeeeeee and I'm planning to be back here on Wednesday!  I figured Monday's recap posts are food for the stomach, Wednesday's posts will be food for the mind and I'm planning for Friday to be food for the soul😉  Stay tuned! 

And if you're in the tristate area...STAY SAFE FROM THE SNOW STORM, A-COMIN!

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