Monday, November 7, 2016

A dose of perspective...

So since I decided to stop weighing myself, I've been 1000% less COMPLETELYOBSESSED with the numbers on the scale and more focused on how I feel and trying to make good choices.  The only 'problem' is that during my once-a-month weigh-ins, I've been fairly consistent on the scale...which is GREAT, but I also would like to loose a bit more before I get to that maintenance phase.  And with that said, I decided to start trying to be EXTRA consistent with my work-outs and more diligent about food choices/loosing weight.  And since my brain had some 'free time,' given it wasn't obsessed with that scale...what would any moderately rational person do instead?  OF COURSE focus on how RESENTFUL I felt about needing to loose THE SAME weight for the 4th time (the 1st time around, the 2nd time after I gained some back + 2 pregnancies).  

About 3 weeks ago, I had went back to my 'home base' of workouts and started back with my good ole "Walk away the pounds" videos and trying to do them at least daily.  The only problem was that even when I was waking up and getting the 3-mile version done first thing in the morning, I didn't feel proud of myself.  I just felt MAD that I STILL had to do these things, even ALLLLLL these years later.  Now, don't get me wrong, I have written AT LENGTH on this blog about how I've never really been inconsistent with working out because I've always done what I'd like...which is all true.  HELL, I never really even forget how lucky I am that I CAN move my legs enough to workout, ya know.  And I'll be the FIRST to admit you never really can stop working, BUT...this resentment coupled with TRYING to get EXTRA consistent to loose THESAMEPOUNDS left me pretty pissed off.

And then, much like any other time in my life, the perfect answer came to me at just the right moment.  I was in the midst of having a pity party and getting angry about working up the motivation to do the 7 zillionth walk in 10+ years, and in the back of my mind came the words I needed to hear clear as a bell...
But what's the alternate?

Talk about a wake up call.   Because what's the alternate of blowing off workouts because you're mad and you just don't want to do them anymore?  What's the alternate for eating junk food that you know makes you feel like trash, but you're just hoping THIS ONE time you sit on the couch and overindulge on chips and eat yourself into oblivion will not make you FEEL like trash for days?  And what if you just did both of these for days, weeks, months on end....where is that going to lead?

You know where I'm going with this.

It was just the bit of perspective I needed to clear my mind and get myself moving HAPPILY again.  And not just moving, but feeling 100% mentally lighter after shedding all of that weight of resentment.  My current 'routine' is to tackle one of these 2 mile walks at least 4 days of the week, while I try to sweat it out a little extra with the 3 miles atleast twice a week.  And 98% of the time, I play one on my phone/computer while watching TV.  (Fun fact: a 3 mile walk is the same length of time as a Real Housewives of NJ episode, sans commercials...heyyyyyyy!;)  And, as I've learned about 8 zillion times before, as soon as I get a consistent burst of cardio going, my brain clears SOOOOOOOOO much better to make wiser, calmer food choice.  Making it MUCH easier to decipher true cravings from the times I really don't mind calling a green monster or cauliflower with hummus my breakfast or lunch.  And/or being able to REALLY enjoy those indulging times and helping you just move onto your next meal without an ounce of guilt or second thought. (because, ummmm...I already have melted brown butter cooling on the stove for Katie & I to make these cupcakes later today;)

Just thought I'd share if you needed that bout of perspective this morning.  It definitely helped me pull it all together and hope it will for you as well.  Enjoy your day!

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