Friday, October 28, 2016

A peek in the lunchbox...

Hey, everyone!  I'm so sorry I don't get to post on here as much as I'd like...but I had a fun reason to pop on here today.  

Speaking of POP, Skinnypop was interested in my take on gluten-free lunch ideas.  And since I heart me some Skinnypop (especially the, swooon, white cheddar!), I thought I'd share what I pack for my Pre-K daughter for lunch.  And while my house is not gluten-free, after photoing a near- week's worth of lunches, I realized they were pretty much all naturally gluten-free.  So I thought I'd pop (there I go again;) on here today to give you the lay of the land for a week's worth of lunchboxes.  As always, I like to keep it quick and simple.  Momma's got NO TIME for fancy at this moment in life;)

MONDAY:  Chickpeas + grapes + a cheese stick..., um, an ice pack because it's 2016 and HOWDIDWESURVIVE our school days without ice packs back in the day?? ;)

TUESDAY:  Cucumbers + Laughing Cow cheese + yogurt

WEDNESDAY:  Cucumber & carrots + hummus + yogurt 

THURSDAY:  Yogurt + Pear + cheese stick 

I'm trying to jog my brain to think of anything different that she's eaten so far this school year and the only items that I can think of was when she was having a pepperoni & cheese moment.  Beyond that, she pretty much sticks to these few things every week.  What can I say?  My girl's a creature of habit (the apple don't fall far, folks;)  And of course Skinnypop would round out these lunch perfectly for a great snack or for a nice treat waiting afterschool.

Hope you guys liked this little peek and have a great weekend!

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