Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Weekly Balance, week 6...

Hey, everyone!  I know I'm a day late & a dollar short on my weekly wrap-up, but I'm trying to get back on track after a couple weeks of 'inspiration roadblock.'  I have plenty of things I WANT to write about, but haven't been able to get my thoughts together enough to write a 'deep thoughts' post and really don't want to half-ass it!  But I should have a couple posts this week to get back in the swing.

And in getting back in the swing....weekly wrap-up post comin at ya NOW!

Monday:  Taco dip with tortilla chips, apples & guacamole
This recipe needs to be the poster child of how I LOVE to cook, but trulyreally at the end of the day CAN NOT.  I mean, honestly!  I swear I just fake it on a wing and a prayer most daysJ  
Example #905048:  This recipe called for rice and we were out of white rice and I just wasn't feelin the brown rice that day (although, honestly, you probably wouldn't have even noticed the chewy texture around everything else going on in the 'dip').  So what do I do???  Add what we had laying around the kitchen,  Which was...wait for it....BLACK RICE.  And guess what BLACK RICE does to a pot of tomato-based red chili??  So yes, that is how we came to eat black/purple taco dip to kick off the week.

*shakes head in exasperation*

At least it tasted good....and even the purple-hued leftovers were really good, but...

*still shaking head in exasperation*


From black rice to rainbow carrots & I SWEAR they are SUPPOSED to be that color!  I'm currently LIVING for those purple/yellow/orange carrot bouquets.  Not to mention this entire dish is 'last meal on earth' contender worthy.  I actually told Scott if we had this same meal for an entire week, I'd be fine with that.  AKA- TRY NOW!

Wednesday:  Chicken puffed tacos 
I tried the Pioneer Woman version this week where you stuffed the chicken in the taco BEFORE taking them for a dip in the hot oil...but then you could barely pry them open enough to top them with all the good stuff...hence that pile of lettuce sitting on TOP of the taco in the frontJ  (oh yes, that IS a taco.  I know...J)  So I nixed that plan for our other 'cos in favor of giving us plenty of room to add ALLTHECHEESEANDGUACAMOLEANDLETTUCE.  I truly love the LETTUCE.
Again, I know....

Thursday:  Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce 
This meal came about because the day COMPLETELY got away from me (although with what?  At this moment I have ZERO CLUE.  #momlife)  But after flipping through my Pioneer Woman cookbook for those above tacos, I found this recipe and realized we had all the ingredients and that this meal was going to come together in .4 seconds.  I countered that cream in the recipe with replacing 3/4 of the spaghetti with zucchini noodles.  They all played nicely together in the pool of creamy, dreamy sauce.  
Hashtag Balance.

Friday:  Lunch/dinner at Palace of Asia
2 yoga classes and a terribly rainy & blustery day to end a week of terribly rainy/blustery days led to a craving for Indian food could NOT be ignored for one more moment.  The BEST part of Palace of Asia (besides it being a GORGEOUS restaurant) is their weekday lunch buffet, where you can try ALLTHETHINGS.  And for someone who does not know too much about Indian cuisine, this is a great introduction.  And even after going more times than I can count, I STILL have no clue what my veryfavoritedishes are from there, but I'm always willing to go back as much as possible to try to figure it outJ

Saturday:  Take-out baked ziti + cheesey garlic bread + salad
NEEDED.  At least Scott & I shared the entree with leftovers still lingering in our kitchen.  A great way to portion & 'keep it all in check.'

 Sunday:  Homemade Ravioli + meatballs + salad
I'm not sure anyone enjoyed our Mother's Day feast as much as LilyJ  This coming off the fact that I swear she ate a quarter pound of that ziti on Saturday nightJ


Vanilla Joe-Joe's:
Katie's "If you're good, I'll get you these" bribe impulse purchase of the week.  I had 2 of these a couple nights last week.

Wednesday Lunch:
I wouldn't even call this a 'splurge' as much as I would call it a 'better way to eat not-so-good-for-you' food.  My friend had told me about these and I was SO glad I had picked em up when a RANDOM craving for a hot dog took over.  And rather than another trip to Stewart's, I tossed one of these in the toaster.  And for 150 calories & 4.5 grams of fat, ya really can't do much better on the 'dog front.  

There was also cake on Mother's Day...and in true "I can't cook" fashion (see above), I managed to make the thinnest cake with the gooey-iest frosting the world has ever known.  I can't explain myself.  


Monday:  Vinyasa Hatha yoga

Tuesday:  Taught vinyasa yoga + tap class

Wednesday:  Power yoga + Body Pump  (THAT was all fun & games till it wasn't...hahahaJ)

Thursday:  Taught 2 gentle yoga classes

Friday:  Gentle + power yoga

Onward to a new week!

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