Monday, May 2, 2016

This week's balance...

Week one, two, three & four...

Monday:  Greek Salsa
Didn't I JUST post on Friday about how I set a menu for the week and try to stick with it??  Well, here's already an example of how some days don't go as planned and of course it's the 1st meal of the weekJ  Plan = Salad.  Unplanned = a larger lunch of Greek salsa (and swooon, pita chipsJ) because I ended up with a few unplanned meetings and lunch became dinner with no time in betweenJ  
Life happens.

Tuesday:  Puffed tacos with Edamame guacamole + Trader Joe's fire-roasted peppers and onions

Also planned:  Lettuce wraps.  Too fun to ignore:  Puffed tacos.  These are already on tap for the menu this week too, because we COULD NOT get over them.  I don't fry in the house often or hardly EVER, but the 1 minute dip in hot oil with the corn tortillas just creates MAGIC.  Crispy AND pliable at the same time.  Magic, I tell you!
And the edamame guacamole was a combo of curiosity met with a bag of shelled edamame that needed to be used in my freezer.  Verdict:  it was fine ON something.  But as a chip dipper?  No, thank you.  Pass me the good old avocado guac, please!

Oh yeah...and there may or may not (or definitely MAYJ) have been a couple fried tortillas topped with cinnamon, sugar & a dust of nutmeg. I need a reason?? 

 Wednesday:  Spinach artichoke cups + salad 
Also known as:  An excuse to eat (my favorite guilt free!) spinach artichoke dip for dinner under the guise of using up old, broken up wonton wrappers to make cups.

LOVED the coating and CRUNCH of this chicken!  I'm going to make it again ASAP, but this time with a more savory slaw, since that's ma jam.

Friday:  Lemon spaghetti + salad and a side of "The Office"
I LOVEEEEED this Giada recipe SO much because it was so simple & classic.  Just like Pam Beesly.
And yes...Friday dinner, especially cozy spaghetti, in front of the TV is just SOMUCH happiness.

I'm currently LIVING for this much so that I just ate the leftovers for lunch and think I need to have a pot of this laying around for lunches EVERY week.  We slashed the heavy cream in half (used 1% for the rest) and it was just...homeJ Especially after a FULL day at yoga teacher training.  (more on that below)

Sunday:  Baked chicken chimichanga with mashed avocado
One of Scott's very own Pinterest pin picks and a great way to kick off Cinco de Mayo weekJ In full disclosure, I totally broke my side salad rule in favor of another one of these 'changas.  They were just toodamngood, but definitely not the smartest choice.  If I had one and a salad, it would have felt just as satisfiying.  
Oh well, onward!


Tuesday:  That cinnamon-sugar tortillaJ

Wednesday night:  1 scoop...

Saturday:  Mini Rocky Road Blizzard filled with marshmallow
Scott told me about the new 'core' blizzards last week and I wanted to try em ASAP.  But I gotta say that marshmallow center was kinda way too SWEEEEEEEEEEEET.  And I'm a gal who can HANDLE HER SWEETS!

Sunday:  Homemade cake pop at Katie's friend's birthday party...weeeeeee!

Other yummy recipes this week!

And yes...still drinking my hot waterJ

My FAVORITETHINGEVER of the week:  Toast with hummus, diced marinated grilled artichoke hearts (Trader Joe's), diced kalamata olives & feta
This felt so super Mediterranean and was BEYOND tasty!   I had this with an orange for more breakfasts or lunches in the past two weeks than I can count.

I made these for an on-the-go snack, so it was a good thing I snapped the picture 'before' because as soon as I grabbed these on the go, they toppled over in the container and turned into a big pile of strawberry/cucumber messJ  But at least it was a tasty messJ

Made in my Grandmom's good ole skillet!  Double love!J

Even Lily was a fanJ


Monday:  Taught gentle yoga

Tuesday:  Tap class

Wednesday:  Power yoga

Thursday:  Kundalini yoga  (umm...intense.  In many ways)

Friday:  NONE!  Felt lousy.  Knowing when to rest is just as important as exercise!

Saturday:  Helped facilitate three yoga classes at this year's teacher training.  I feel so lucky to help the new group of teacher trainees and remember where I was a year ago.  Still so crazy to have gone through that amazing experience and actually BE a teacher THIS year.  I'm incredibly humbled & honored to be back there and experience it all again on 'the other side.'J

Sunday:  Tone it Up Beach Bod Workout + Inner and Outer thighs  Love those girls!  Even Katie likes when I put on the videos "with those 2 girls"J

Onward to a new week!J

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