Monday, May 16, 2016

A peek at my week...

Monday:  Salad with tuna, chickpeas, beets, cucumbers + queso blanco (what we had in the fridge)

 ...corn... despite the wonky picture, those meatballs were glorious.  As in we almost had them twice last week.  And as for the corn in May?  Katie spied it at the Trader Joe's that day and was OBSESSED.  As in:  "Mommy, can we go home and make the corn?  Mommy, is it time to have the corn??  Mommy did you make the corn??  Mommy, I'm STARVING!  I NEED THE CORN!  Mommy, is it dinner time yet with corn??"

For hours.

This meal should have also included alcoholJ  

 Wednesday:  Quick spring pea ravioli with garlic browned butter sauce + salad 

Thursday:  Dinner at Outback for my niece's birthday

Friday:  1 square Corn & Pablano lasagna + salad  

Saturday:  Homemade ravioli at my Mom's house

And even though these weren't very photogenic, they were definitely in contention for best meal of the week.  Ok...this and those chicken meatballs...YUM!

Ugh...let's just say it was WAY more than necessary.  This was probably my 'worst week' in awhile.  It started off with little slips and then they just snowballed on top of one another by week's end.  UGH.  Here's to pulling it back together this week.

Other yummy recipes this week:

A complete obsession with sprinkling toasted quinoa on EVERYTHING.  Keeping these in a glass jar in my cabinet just reminded me to grab it all the time and put them on ALLTHETHINGS.  Salad, smoothie bowls, oatmeal, my shoes, etc.  
LOVE.  I must say.  Truly and honestly LOVE.  I heart a crunch & texture!

AKA-the easiest recipe in the world to make with kidsJ  Just toss everything in a bowl and give it a mix before baking.

My snacky week was not helped by the fact that I felt lousy for most of it :P  I feel like it's extra hard to get back on track when you have both snacks + lack of exercise working against you.

Wednesday:  Gentle yoga

Thursday:  Dance + weights

Friday:  Power yoga

Sunday:  Power yoga

Hopefully I can formulate my thoughts enough to write a post about my 'off week.'  It was certainly more mental than any hunger.  We'll see what I come up withJ  Have a great day!

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