Monday, April 25, 2016

Sorta balanced...

Well, this week definitely tipped the scales in the 'other' direction more often than not.  We just happened to have a lot of 'out' plans that piled on top of each other this week.  Some places I was super conscious and stopped when I was full.  And the other half, I didn't leave feeling gross, but still ate a bit more than I knew was necessary.  Viva la life, amIright??  So this week I feel like the dinners & splurges can just be all jumbled togetherJ

Monday:  Cashew & basil chicken lettuce wraps 
From my current still favorite cookbook:  "Eating in the Middle"

Tuesday:  Roasted Cauliflower Grilled Cheese with garlic aioli
I know you won't believe me, but this was SOGOOD.  Cauliflower + caramelized onions + cheddar cheese + THEBESTPART: garlic aoili.  Yesssss....

Wednesday:  Lunch/Dinner of nachos, fried chicken & ice cream at It's Nutts
I DID pay attention at this meal and had a few nachos, bites of a slice of pizza, 1/4 of the chicken breast with some of the mashed potatoes & cole slaw and 1 scoop of ice cream, but I still left feeling more full than I've felt in awhile and I didn't really enjoy that part....even if that meal was ACES!

Thursday:  Lunch/Dinner of Cuban Sandwich, split disco fries + ice cream sundae at The Pop Shop
Ate half of this sandwich...and then realized I was still hungry and ate about 1/4 more.  And ya know: cheese fries + gravy...

And here's my peanut butter ice cream + peanut butter sauce + Reese's pieces sundae sans the 2 cherries that Katie already plucked off and devoured before the waitress even finished putting this down...J
Kept checking to make sure I wasn't too full again while I ate this, and that day:  I didn't feel stuffed in the slightest...even if I managed to polish off a good 3/4 of that sundae.  No regrets!

Something about cooking from my old school Rachael Ray cookbooks makes me very, very happy.  I think it will always remind me of when we first moved in together and I got to try all sorts of new recipes and fun things to eat.  This was one of our early favs that I haven't made in at least 5 years!
(and in full portioned disclosure sake, I had another roll!)

Saturday:  Brunch at Agricola
Split a cheeseboard...cause there's not much I love more in life than a good cheeseboard.  It's "experience" food, ya know what I mean?  And throw in an actual honeycomb?  Done & done.

1/2 of this fabulous salmon burger & a few fries, pretty much solely to try that beet ketchup... 
...and I may or may not have eaten a few fries with some leftover goat cheese...J  And also a few bites of an un-pictured Almond cake...because LIVING!

Dinner at The Vault-
I'm still trying to figure out how many pieces I actually ate that nightJ  My friend and I swapped pieces of the traditional DOC & this fig jam + prosciutto I had 1/2 a slice of Scott's tomato, arugula & avocado pie.  I just know I wasn't stuffed when I left, so = win!  I also had most of a slice of coconut cream pie from Under the Moon, cause who can pass THAT up??

Sunday:  Chicken club lettuce wraps


And after:

Other fun recipes this week:

Homemade oat & quinoa granola (I'll share my quick recipe for this soon!)
Had small bowls of this for a snacks on a few days...VERY yummy and filling.

And that brings us to Monday...where the scale, THANKFULLY, was not as cold & cruel as I thought it would be, given all that icecreamcakepieburgerpizza.  So now I'm just ready to attack this week with LOTS of fruits & vegetables!  Oh yeah...and more exercise!  Speaking of...


Monday:  Hatha vinyasa yoga

Tuesday:  Taught vinyasa + gentle yoga classes & tap class

Wednesday:  Gentle yoga

Thursday:  Vinyasa yoga

Friday:  Taught gentle yoga

Saturday:  Taught gentle yoga

Sunday:  "Yoga for athletes" (lots of hips & hamstring stretching) + vinyasa yoga

Ya may notice a theme running here and I actually have a bit of a foot issue, so I'm keeping my cardio + jumpin around to a minimum for the moment.  Hope it heals FAST cause I'm already really annoyed at not getting to dance around as much as I likeJ hahahahahaha

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