Friday, April 8, 2016

Food for thought...

Hey, ya'll and Happy Friday!  Just thought I'd post a few great quotes that shot out at me while listening to the "Shedding the weight" meditation series in the past couple weeks.  Thought they would be good 'food for thought' heading into the weekend:

  • "Nothing is more healing than light."
  • "Whatever you are not aware of cannot be healed."
  • "You must make the effort to adopt self-care as your default."
  • "Negative emotion is incompatible with positive results."
  • "When you embody what you seek, you begin to find it everywhere you look."
  • "When we come from peace, we can achieve peace."
  • "Habit robs us of awareness, but awareness has all the power."

For more information on this great series, check it out here.  

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