Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday fun...

So, I've been liking how this blog is evolving and what features are falling into place so far...
  • Monday:  My weekly attempt at food balance.
  • Wednesday:  A challenge in mental weight loss.  These posts take a lot out of me since I feel like I put my whole heart & soul into one a week might be my limit for the momentJ  I'm going with the quality over quantity ideaJ
And I was thinking maybe we'll have a little fun on Fridays!  Maybe weight loss motivation like last week.  Or a fresh recipe made with light, seasonal ingredients (I might have an exciting update about a project regarding this very soon!J), or maybe one of my most enjoyable Friday features to read on other blogs:  Friday favorites.  But for TODAY, I thought this might be fun:  FITNESS FRIDAY!

Even though I'm FAR from a fitness expertI thought I'd give you guys a quick little tip that I took from my earliest days of my yoga journey.  Try this exercise a few times a day and you'll feel the changes in your arms in no time!  It helped lead to one of those moments of "I might not be the skinniest girl in the room, but I'm starting to feel STRONG."  I'll take itJ

Or Click here if you can't see the video above!

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