Monday, April 4, 2016

A peek at balance...

Hey guys, welcome to a new week.  So while I wanted to focus more on posts tackeling the mental struggles in weight loss, I still wanted to include food and fun in the mix and thought this feature would be a good way to restart.  How does a Monday overview of a peek at how I try to balance all my weekly meals sound?  Same premise as the old blog, but now with a weekly glimpse instead of a daily one.  Also, I think I want to stick to just dinners, splurges & workouts right now.  To be quite honest, my breakfast, lunches & snacks have been pretty repetitive lately.  A fact that sprang up once I realized MOST of the time, I didn't really care what I had, just that I needed to eat SOMETHING.  (I know, how novelJ)  Honestly I've been having a lot of smoothies lately.  They've just seemed very "calming" to me at the moment, for whatever reason.  So, unless I have something majorly exciting in those 3 departments, I'll stick to the dinners, splurges & exercise because:

  • Dinner is where I pretty much always try to make something different & keep it interesting....(ummm, except last weekJ  You'll seeJ)  And if you've read this blog for awhile, you'll remember that it was kinda the original style.
  • Splurges are really the most fun to talk about and enjoy AMIRIGHT??
  • And exercise melds them all together = keeps ya on the healthy track, while giving you a little bit of wiggle room for that piece of chocolate.
I hope this gives you guys some insight into how to balance all the healthy with all the 'good' stuff (and portion control it all, via the pictures) and maybe give you some meal ideas if you're stuck in a rut (one of the main reasons I started this blog to begin with).  As always, I like to show that you don't need to eat sad salads and steamed vegetables every night to loose weight and/or to be healthy.  And that, while at times I do have moments of cutting back on carbs and such, I DO NOT like to cut anything permanently out of life.  What's life without pasta and ice cream??  A life I don't want to live, I know that muchJ 

OK, so here ya go...a peek at my week:

Monday:  And it's starting off boring because we were all sick from before Easter and still feeling under the weather, so I think my dinner was leftover Chinese takeout lemon chicken & rice this night.  I mean, awesome first post about healthy balance, right?J

Tuesday:  The ONLY thing that sounded good:  Takeout baked ziti with sausage + a salad (still wasn't feeling great)

Wednesday:  The only thing that STILL sounded good: Baked ziti with sausage (served on a salad-sized plate for portion control) + salad + a slice of bread & butter

Thursday:  1 dish Lightened Pad Thai  (made with cabbage instead of noodles.  Healthy + delicious!)

Friday:  Polenta Caprese Bites + salad

Saturday:  No dinner since we were still satisfied from a good brunch at Tortilla Press.  Complete with a few cinnamon pita chips...

...a few bites of 'breakfast nachos'...

 ...and 1/2 a chorizo + raja quesadilla

Sunday:  French Onion Soup Dippers + broccoli
I don't want to live a life without grilled cheese either.  There, I said itJ

And the splurges!

Tuesday:  Chocolate Coconut egg.  Because EasterJ

Thursday:  A small scoop of THIS ice cream...

Friday lunch:  Aka-the ONLY thing that I wanted on the planet:  Stewart's Root Beer + a cheese dog (and a couple fries stolen from KatieJ)  Here's what was leftJ 

Sunday morning breakfast: 1 orange chocolate chip muffin

Sunday afternoon:  Good old stovetop popcorn with butter + salt

It was a family treat all aroundJ

And finally- Exercise:

Pretty quiet week since we were getting back up to speed after being under the weather.

Thursday:  Teaching a private gentle yoga session

Friday:  Power yoga...taught by ME at my 1st ever full, public class!  Yeeeeeeeeee!  (does shaking with terrified nerves burn calories??)

Saturday:  2 mile walk around the park

Sunday:  Restorative yoga

So, there ya go!  A week in review.  Let me know what you think about this new Monday recap feature if you have a minute.

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