Monday, April 11, 2016

A peek at balance, week 2...

Here's week 1 if you are interested...

Monday:  Stuffed Pepper Soup with cornbread toppers 
Served in mason jars.  
Because it's 2016 and everything is over-the-top obnoxiousJ

Thai Chicken Tacos with Peanut Sauce | Cooking Classy
Cookingclassy's dish is the best thing that's come out of my kitchen in awhile!  So fresh, healthy & outstandingly delicious.  Clean out the fridge and make these tonight!

Wednesday:  2 slices avocado toast 
We had a bigger lunch, so this made for a quick dinner.

Thursday:  1 1/2 chicken fingers & crab fries from Chickie & Pete's
The chicken fingers were easy to put the breaks on since, when I tuned in and  payed attention to what I was eating, I realized I couldn't taste them after that 1 & 1/2.  But the fries??  Oh man, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of those tasted lovely.  It took a LOT of effort to not inhale the entire shared basket.

Friday:  Chicken wings, fries & mozzarella sticks from Wings to Go
My sister-in-laws pick for her birthday dinner and this place is just WAY too good.  Kept a handle on most, sticking to one of each of the wings 'flavors' (garlic parmesan is, not surprising, the family fav), and a few fries...but maybe definitely one too many mozzarella sticks.  Haven't had ones that good in ages...but still, probably one too manyJ

Saturday:  Easiest Pork & Cabbage Eggrolls + roasted sesame broccoli
Make this recipe NOW!  So quick & delicious.  (and the broccoli I just mixed with sesame oil & tossed with sesame seeds for a bit of an Asian flair)

Saturday:  5-spice burger with slaw + chips + salad
(made the slaw with shredded cabbage mixed with 1/2 tablespoon mayo + 2 teaspoons of garlic green onion stir fry sauce + a few diced green onions to combine all of the Asian flavors with the awesome, flavorful burgers.  Plus any chance to use my many-years-old jar of 5-spice, I'm happy)  


...ya know, besides the chicken fingers, fries, mozzerella sticks and those chipsJ

Wednesday night:  Small scoop of this...

Friday:  My SIL's cake & ice cream...I wasn't messin around on the vanilla bean frontJ  Both were sublime.   
 (more on Jeni's Splendid ice cream here & here

Other yummy recipes of the week:

Avocado & shortcut beet hummus toast...pretty much my newestfavoritethingEVER.

Perfect Breakfast Quinoa...back in rotation this week!  Weeeee!

Greek Yogurt Pancakes & Baked Banana Bread Doughnuts from my new favorite & fabulous cookbook "Eating in the Middle."  (Check out my instagram for a shot of Lily chowin down on those doughnutsJ)


Monday:  Hatha Vinyasa yoga class

Tuesday:  Tap class  (aka-I'm convinced this is my version of a mid-life crisisJ)

Wednesday:  Power Yoga class

Saturday:  20 minutes pilates

Sunday:  2 mile "Walk away the pounds"  

Hope you enjoyed a peek at my week and gave you some inspiration heading into a new one!

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