Thursday, June 4, 2015

I'm bulletproof...sorta...

Wednesday Update:

*Coconut oil coffee.... So I started the day with this new fab in coffee of 1 cup brewed coffee BLENDED (this is KEY or you'll end up with a cup of coffee with an oil slick floating on top!) with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.  A lot of recipes add in a tablespoon of organic Kerrygold butter to make the (trademarked) Bulletproof coffee...but I was going baby steps here, peeps.  There are plenty of articles online talking about the pros & cons of this latest fad concoction.  My main reasons for wanting to try it were the prompt of steady energy/less blood sugar spikes (= no hunger spikes), a morning boost to the metabolism and the mind clarity that it suggests.  (and who couldn't use more mind clarity, AMIRIGHT??)

What I ended up getting after 1 day:

A.- The 1 tablespoon of coconut oil made a tasty enough cup of coffee that I didn't end up needed to add anything else.  And as a coffee creamer JUNKIE, this made me VERY happy.  The coconut oil had about 50 calories more than the 2 tablespoons of creamer I TRY to use.  And of course,  significantly more fat...BUT, the healthy fats were now replacing all of the chemicals, bad fat & sugar of the creamer.  So does one outweigh the other??  I would think so, right??  I would think any time you're using natural ingredients to replace beloved crap ones is a good health step.  Not to mention, adding coconut oil to your diet is just an all-around good idea since its benefits are known far & wide.

B.- Ummmm...not much appetite suppressant, though.  The fat & calories of the oil & butter coffee is supposed to be a meal replacement, really, but my 1 tablespoon of oil was doing NONE of that for me.  I was pretty hungry shortly after the cup.  I tried to wait it out over an hour to see if it was just a passing thing, but IT WASN'T.  I was DEFINITELY hungry and NEEDED breakfast AND snack.

C.- Through the rest of the day, though, it seemed my hunger spikes were kept at bay....but they've also been that way since following the 5-meals a day of the Bikini Series.  Sooooo, I can't really say which caused it, but I didn't really have any cravings or irrational food choices for the rest of the day. conclusion:  Winning?  I guess?  I tried it again this morning and maybe I'll try it for a bit to see if I see any changes and I'll report back my insights here.  As usualJ  

Anyone else try this??  Pros/Cons??


Sooooo...I really wasn't sure how I was feeling about this weird-ish concoction of frozen blueberries, banana, cocoa powder and spinach...but it was sooooooooooooooo good!  Especially topped with the added chocolate hit of crushed caco nibs, chia seeds, banana & unsweetened coconut.  Swoooooon.

Snack:  1 cup berries + 1/4 cup peanuts 
Had VERY shortly after that smoothie bowl since, as I mentioned above, I was PRETTTTY hungry yesterday morning.  After this double whammy though, I was pretty satisfied for several hours.

Lunch:  Ummmmmm... 
Yep, I liked that smoothie bowl so much that I had it TWICE in one day.  If that's not enough of an advertisement to try this recipe out ASAPJ

I was on a chocolate kick yesterday, huh??  But here's where I definitely think my "rational mind" worked out in my benefit, because I picked up this little bottle while taking a quick spin through Whole Foods (stockin up on my cocoa nibs & chia seeds from their bulk bins) and realized I needed SOMETHING.  And while I passed cases of cupcakes, pastries & gelato, I had no urge for ANY of them and found THIS option to be the most appealing.  Now THAT'S a definitely win.  Not to mention this was really creamy & delicious and SUPER filling from the (plant-based) protein...

 Dinner:  Pizza Kitchen
Now I know this looks like an 'irrational splurge', but I swear this ended up being a dinner more because it was SOOOOOO nice out last night and had more to do with making our annual 'spring' trip to Pizza Kitchen to eat outside under their little patio than it ACTUALLY had to do with the pizza.  Since last week it was already TOO hot and the last couple days were TOO gloomy, it just felt nice to be outside on such a sunny and breezy night.  And of course, the pizza was delicious to bootJ

And I'm glad we enjoyed that pizza since both Scott AND I managed to catch Katie's cold that she developed OUT OF NOWHERE on Monday.  Yippeee.  We both slept terrible last night and woke up feeling SUPER lousy.  Sooooo, you may or may not hear from me tomorrow, depending on how these next 24 hours treat me.  

Until then...have a great Thursday!

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