Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The "angel" side...

Morning, everyone!  So if yesterday's recap was the 'devil' on my shoulder, today's post is definitely the angel.  And before I go any further, I have to give all the credit in the world for the Edofood pics to my friend & fellow yogi classmate, Chris!  I was wayyyy to hungry/exhausted and/or both at any given meal time to grab my camera, so I repeatedly told her I was stealing all of her picturesJ  Thankfully, she's a doll & sent them all to me yesterday to share with you guys.  Thanks a zillion CHRIS!!!!!!!

And of course, all of the credit for the goodies goes to Ricky & Jen from EdoFoods for keeping us SO WELL FED this entire weekend.  Starting with the green juice snack on Saturday morning...

I have been wanting to try green juice for ages (but how bout the prices on those things, huh??) and I'll admit, I was a bit timid seeing the ingredients list:
But oh man...with a nod to Cinco de Mayo, Ricky & Jen made an entire weekend menu of fiesta eats, kicking off with this Mojito version of green juice.  Sweet, tangy and just oh-so-refreshing, all the green veggies are masked by the sweet, mint, lemon & lime flavor.  A refreshing way to kick off the day...or to end it with donuts.  

I digressJ

Next up for lunch was a salad with black beans, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, chayote in a creamy vegan chipotle dressing...

And THE cutest & most unexpected side:  Mexican street corn complete with vegan cheese, lime & cayenne...YUM!

And, OK, this was SUPPOSED to be our afternoon snack....but I have to admit I had this devoured to mere crumbs by 10am.  Jen whipped us up a "Horchita," a muffin combo of Horchata flavors with CHIA = Horchita.  How cute & clever is she??
This dense, sweet, coconut-y muffin was SOGOOD, I went back and had another on Sunday cause I couldn't stop thinking about how perfect these little nuggets were.  ALL THE YUM.  (ps-still owe you guys $2 for the extra muffinJ)

And Sunday was another display of fresh & delicious, with a mango snack dusted with lime & chipotle... 

And a FILLING and delicious 'burrito bowl' for lunch on Sunday with black beans, brown rice, peppers & onions, spinach, pico de gallo, vegan sour cream and chicken (for us meat-eaters) or plantains (for the veggie headsJ)  I had the chicken but I heard the plantains were crazy good.  Either way, so delicious and fresh all around. 

And, hahahahahaha, I guess we were ALL too beat to take a picture of our final treat on Sunday afternoon:  AVOCADO FUDGE.  A picture wouldn't have done it's rich & decadent self justice anyway.  It was just the perfect little bite to wrap up a VERYYYYYY long & exhausting, but wonderful weekend.  This one just also happened to involve our 'practice teach' on Saturday and after climbing into bed on Saturday night did I realize we all had taken 4-5 HOURS worth of yoga classes in one day.  PHEW!  Let's just say the avocado fudge was very welcome after ALLTHEYOGA.  THANKS AGAIN TO EDOFOODS for a spectacular spread for our exhausted soulsJ

And that brings us to Monday and back to the Bikini Series.  I obviously didn't have too much time to food prep over the weekend, but thankfully we had enough 'good stuff' hangin around to keep it together for a 'Tone it up approved day'...

Monday Recap:

Breakfast:  Pina Colada Smoothie
EXACTLY what I was wishing for on the HOT morning that was yesterday  (Hey Spring, where'd ya go???)

Snack:  1/2 whole wheat pita with hummus & spinach

Lunch:  Coconut Almond milk yogurt + 1 diced peach + 2 tablespoons toasted walnuts + cinnamon & unsweetened coconut 


Dinner:  Santorini Salad
Kristin's recipe for this shrimp, crispy chickpea, feta salad coated with a cucumber/basil/Greek yogurt dressing looked soooo cool & refreshing, I actually COULD. NOT. WAIT to have this salad for dinner.  My only problem??  I halved the recipe for all the ingredients...except the garlic in the dressing.  And as much as I love garlic, a FULL CLOVE of RAW in salad dressing may have been a bit ambitious and it kinda muted all the rest of the flavors since it was SOOOOOOOO POTENT.  Oh well, the salad was so yummy & cool, I'll definitely be making it again:  Proper garlic amounts on order!J

And, yep, I actually GOT DRESSED to go to the gym...got to the car and realized it was slightly painful even to GET IN THE CAR (ummm...did I mention 5+ hours of yoga over the weekend??), that I turned right around and headed back in the house.  And even when I went to get up & get in my quick arms & squats workout, I just felt TOOOOOO WORN OUT to get to it.  No regrets!  The ole' bod needed rest yesterday and that's just what it gotJ

But I can already vouch I was back at it this morning and ready to start another healthy day.  Hope you enjoyed the healthier recap & have a great Tuesday, everyone!J

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