Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sweet reunion...

Wednesday Recap:

Breakfast:  2 slices wheat toast with avocado + honey + sea salt
All the love.

Workout:  Power Yoga class
STILL hangin' in!

Lunch:  Tone it up Power Bowl 
Chicken + Beans + Red Pepper + Tomatoes + Chili powder, cumin & cinnamon

And since I realized I had forgotten the avocado that was supposed to top the power bowl, I did the next best thing and indulged in one of these AWESOME little avocado brownies that my dear friends, Ricky & Jen from EdoFoods brought me on Tuesday... 
Little nuggets of 4-ingredient perfection, these will fix any mid-afternoon sweet tooth in a healthier way.  Fudgy, dense and a perfect bite.  Scott had em for his afternoon snack when he got home and FLIPPED too.  JUST SO GOOD!  Thanks again, Ricky & Jen!!!  We heart youJ  (So does KatieJ)

Dinner:  Chicken Thai Coconut Bowl + 1/2 cup brown rice 
So I think we may have found our VERYFAVORITE Tone It Up dinner recipe with this one.  The original recipe calls for tofu (and I WILL try it with it one day!), but I just subbed chicken and mixed it with the onion, soy sauce, peanut butter, coconut flakes and some spinach (because, like smoothies, Why not??) and served over a little brown rice for my non-exhaustion healthy carb quota for mid-weekJ

Savory from the soy & peanut butter with kicks of sweet from the coconut shreds throughout, I'm kinda guessing we could eat this about 3-4 times a week and be happy.  Bonus, it came together in about 15 minutes.  DEFINITELY give this one a try!  Totally satisfying. 

Dessert:  Dairy Queen Marshmallow Sundae with coconut 
So...I don't have TOO many pregnancy cravings after the first 3-months of 'eat what I want or else I'll feel sick,' but here's one of the 'funnier' ones that cropped up during a three-Fridays-in-a-row span at the end February/beginning of March in THE BRUTAL DEAD OF WINTER, where Scott ran out at nearly 9:30 one night to pick up one of these when I knew the craving WOULD NOT PASSJ  Marshmallow sundaes with coconut were my winter jam (as was post-Power yoga frozen yogurt)J  I'm not sure I've had one since FREEZING March, but it was a sweet reunion for Survivor treat night last night...made esp. sweeter since Survivor was soooooooooooo good last night!  (How very year-2000 of me to sayJ)  Hahahahahahaha

So talk about anti-ice cream weather, we woke up to THE MOST PERFECT FALL MORNING WEATHER this morning.  Too bad it's MayJ  Hopefully Mother Nature remembers this weather and starts sending it to us bright & early on September 1stJ  I'll be ready and waiting on the other side of many beach days with KatieJ

Have a good Thursday, everyone!J
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