Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FINALLY taking a moment to stop & think...

Tuesday Recap:

Workout:  2 sets of arms & squats with 8 pounds

Breakfast:  TIU Pina Colada Smoothie
Mmmmmmmmmm....coconut, coconut water, frozen pineapple, protein powder, lime juice FABULOUSNESS!

Snack:  1/2 wheat pita with hummus + spinach

Lunch- Flax/Almond meal pancake with peanut butter & syrup + 1 orange 
Yeah, not exactly your typical lunch, but one I was DYING for!  So much so in fact, that we didn't have pre-made almond meal, so I just tossed a couple handfuls of almonds in the coffee grinder and whipped some up myselfJ  That cake turned out so huge, I couldn't even finish it!  Totally satisfying.

Snack- Coconut Chocolate Chip Larabar
Perfect afternoon sweet tooth fix!

Dinner:  Chicken fajitas + toasted corn guacamole + baked corn tortilla chips 
After being COMPETELY inundated all the live-long-day of ALL sorts of Cinco de Mayo treats, honestly we were almost one foot out the door for some gooey nachos & fried ice cream last night.  But I just KNEW neither of them were going to make me feel good...not to mention, I knew our dinner was gonna be a quick-cooking WINNER and I was rightJ

Sauteed cumin/garlic/chili chicken & peppers and onions... 

...sided up with some guacamole mixed with some toasted corn (just tossed a drained can of corn in a dry skillet and let the flames work their magic)  with a few homemade oven-toasted corn chips...
Let's be honest...this was DEF our favorite partJ  I'll probably be making this meal again this week, so be warnedJ

I won't lie:  I whipped these up with some instant chocolate pudding (it WAS a Tuesday night, afterallJ), mixed in a bit of chili powder, Cayenne and lots of cinnamon and called it the perfectly lighter way to enjoy a Cinco treatJ  No fried ice cream involvedJ.

And again, not that there's not a time & place for nachos & fried ice cream...but I'm not sure if it's been because I've been eating MUCH healthier lately OR the extremes that pregnancy tends to bring, but eating healthy has become SUCHHHHHHHHH a relief/treat lately, while eating 'bad' has become not really even worth it because I end up feeling soooooooooooooooooo G-ROSS afterwards.  We didn't even over-indulge over the weekend, but I kinda felt the lowsy effects of it for a couple days.  It's wild.  I've never really been one to stop & think of how I'd feel AFTER I ate something more indulgent (more like a 'dive right in there and worry about it later' kinda personJ), but the extreme of how bad I feel has really helped put on the breaks of late.  Here's to hoping it continues cause it's MUCHHHHHHHHH easier to curb those cravings when you take that second to realize that one 'extra spoonful of ice cream/slice of pizza/night of unplanned indulgence when you know you have a satisfying healthy swap on tap' (see that above dinner againJ) is gonna put you over the edge.  Actually puts this little quote I saw on FB last night even more in perspective...
Just food for thought.  Pun intended.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!J

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