Thursday, May 21, 2015

By request...

 Wednesday Recap:

Breakfast:  Flax & Almond Meal Pancake with peanut butter & maple + 1 cup strawberries

Snack:  Luna Bar

Workout:  Power Yoga Class
Everyone in my classes have beens so sweet and surprised I'm still hangin in.  I tell em I'M still shocked myself what I can still do aka-haven't fallen over yetJ hahahahahhahaha

Lunch- 1 SMALL Fast Food cheeseburger
By the time I chatted with some peeps and left the gym, I was pretty ready for lunch and a few-days craving for a cheeseburger seemed like the perfect for a quick lunch (so I was more interested than eating than taking a photo by the time I got homeJ)  And since what I wanted was one SMALL burger (no fries), my little splurge clocked in at 270 calories!  Not a healthy/everyday lunch, but certainly not a break in the calorie bank.  It was just enough, I savored every bite and had no guilt since I had just what I wanted and stopped when I was done.  Weeeeeeee!

Dinner:  Whole Wheat Spaghetti 
The small burger somehow kept me full all afternoon, long enough to take Katie to play at the mall playground and to a make-up dance class.  And when we were on our way from class, she had one request:  SPAGHETTI.  And since Katie isn't usually much of a 'dinner person.' we were OK with granting her request, even if it was a bit off the Bikini SeriesJ...

She even photoed her dinner for you, blog-styleJ

Brought to you from our take-home desserts from Kim's in the Mix.  And even though I kept bouncing back & forth between all of the amazing choices, my first instinct won out with my final pick of Wedding Cake....
Kim's somehow makes a basic vanilla/vanilla cake PHENOMENAL.  Vanilla flavor to the hilt.  LOVE.

And I managed to sneak a quick bite of Scott's Blueberry praline pound cake before he devoured the rest.  The pound cake was vanilla and dense layered with a bright center of tangy berries & crunchy praline...JUST. SO. GOOD.
The only bummer about treat night?  It was Survivor Final night too...BOO!  We always hate when Survivor's overJ  I guess Wednesday treat night will now be a night of catching up on "Ridiculousness,"  "Impractical Jokers," & "Inside Amy Schumer" nightJ 

Anywaysss....have a great Thursday!

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