Friday, May 22, 2015

Bringin back the carbs;)

Thursday Recap:

Workout:  2 rounds arms & squats with 8 pounds

I cut the avocado to half this time around and I LOVEEED the flavor.  It wasn't as creamy as the original version, but I loved the combo flavor of mango + mint.  SOOO GOOD!

Snack:  Luna Bar

Lunch:  "Breakfast Tacos" 
TOO GOODJ  In full disclosure-I just had these AGAIN for breakfastJ  CAN'T STOP!

Snack:  Granola bar
Not crazy over having granola bars for BOTH snacks, but I was craving chocolate yesterday afternoon and this was as close to a healthy dose of it as I could find in my house at the momentJ

 Dinner:  Tone it up Turmeric "Skewers" + couscous + spinach
Scott & I are LOVING these quick 'stir-fry' meals cause they are not only healthy, but SUPER quick.  TIU recommended the turmeric, soy sauce, green onion marinated chicken as skewers, but we instead tossed it in a pot with a diced onion, some cooked couscous & spinach and let it all cook together about 10 minutes.  A uniquely flavored + healthy meal in mere moments = A-OK with us!

ps-I've been feeling A LOT better since adding healthy carbs into my dinners.  I was surprised not having them past 3pm had such an affect on me since I certainly didn't cut them out the rest of the day (and, in fact, was eating MORE of them throughout the day than usual).  But after a week & a half or so of cutting back, I was barely able to hold my head up after lunch.   So (healthy) CARBS with DINNER again it is!  I may try again IN A FEW MONTHS (since cutting them at night apparently puts your body in fat-burning mode), but for this moment, a few pounds I could potentially loose from those carbs are SOOOOOOOO not worth being even MORE exhausted thought out the day,  So yeah...that was my little carb updateJ

ANYWAY!  I should have PLENTY of my fill of carbs after THIS weekend since it's Memorial Day!  Crazy!  Hope you guys enjoy every moment!J

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