Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bikini Series: Week 4 kick-off...

Monday Recap:

Breakfast:  Sweet Potato Cookies
This week's Bikini Series bake-ahead breakfast treats is a mix of roasted sweet potatoes, peanut butter, flax, coconut flour, craisins, pecans & honey...swooooooon, they were quite delicious.  A Tone it up breakfast hasn't failed us yet!

Snack:  1/2 whole wheat pita with hummus + spinach 
I love that this is a SNACK!  Totally kept me full till well-passed noon.

Lunch:  TIU Enchilada con mole 
There goes those millet enchiladas againJ  Wrapped in corn tortillas (vs. collard green leaves) for lunch.  While zucchini, broccoli & millet doesn't seem like normal enchilada fare, it's actually quite tasty.  The one weird things is they flavored the vegetables in Asian flavors (rice vinegar & Tamari) while everything else is flavored with chipotle, chili & cumin.  Shoulda swapped those spices out from the jump...cause that weird hit of tang is really the strangest part of the whole dish.

Snack:  Tuna & chickpeas mixed with avocado & lemon juice on Wasa crackers and topped spinach 
How's that for another hearty snack??

Dinner:  Hawaiian Chicken + roasted snow peas 
Pineapple juice, lime, honey & garlic marinated chicken topped with cool pineapple, pepper & chive salsa, this meal was definitely fit for SUMMER.  Cool, sweet & delicious.

And I'm not normally a fan of snow peas, but roasted in olive oil, garlic powder & a bit of sea salt made these crispy & toasty deliciousness.

Workout:  Hatha Vinyasa Yoga
And Finally FINALLY I felt well enough to make it back to class Monday night!  I was soooooooooooo happy!  I never cease to feel FAB after a good yoga sweatJ

And speaking of sweat, ummmmmmmmm...we leapt right from early spring to summer around here yesterday.  85 swooped in on us and made for one stuffy house by late afternoon.  Come on, summer!  Keep it together until JULY at the earliest!   It's that or I will be parked in front of blasting air conditioners for the entire month of JuneJ  


Have a good Tuesday!

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