Tuesday, May 19, 2015

...and then I ate the ENTIRE PLATE.

Monday Recap:

Breakfast:  Bikini Series Avocado Mango Smoothie
This week's series smoothie du jour included mango, coconut water, lime, mint, protein powder and A WHOLE AVOCADO.  I checked the recipe about 45 times to make sure it REALLY was for ONE serving.  It was creamy, distinctively flavored like avocado (even though I thought it was going to be masked by the mango & protein powder) and HUGE!  I thought I was going to be full for hours & hours with this but...

Snack:  Apple & coconut bar
...snack time STILL came a-callin' about an hour & a half (and a trip to Trader Joe's) laterJ  Homemade fruit crisps were on the menu this week....which sounded fun & yummy, EXCEPT that it involved the crisps cooking in a 250 degree oven for 2-3 hours.  Maybe I'll give this a whirl in September/October, but in May???   I'd rather opt for one of these JUST FRUIT bars from Trader Joe's.

Lunch:  Cheesecake Factory "Skinnylicious" Turkey, Bacon & Avocado sandwich with side salad 
My Mom & I had taken Katie to run around the mall for a bit of the morning and when she suggested lunch, I AGAIN thought I was still too full from the smoothie (and now snack) that I didn't think I was really hungry.   ...and then I ate that ENTIRE PLATEJ  Good thing it was the Skinnylicious menu and we skipped all other variations of bread & dessertsJ  Not to mention this sandwich and even the side salad are just SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.  Just a good idea if you want to switch it up from salad and keep your calories in-check.

Both were as SWEET AS CANDY!  Be still my heart<3 p="">

Dinner:  Lemon & garlic chicken & kale salad 
Yesterday began hot & HUMID and as soon as I heard that forecast, my body just began craving SALAD left & right.  Ironically enough, once my house was all stocked in arugula & kale, we left the mall and found the temperature had dropped nearly 20 degrees!  Fun for Katie in a sleeveless short set & flip flops and me in a tank topJ  Anywho...that was a long way of telling you how this dinner came on tap and even though it was quite chilly by dinner, it was still A-OK in our book, especially for its 20 minute cooking time.  Lemon & garlic powder seared chicken over lemon/olive oil & Parmesan cheese massaged kale, this just felt CLEAN and right in order after an indulgent weekend.

Workout:  Hatha Vinyasa Yoga
Made it out last night and am still hangin in my tougher classes.  I woke up feeling AWESOME this morning and I'm not sure whether to credit the yoga OR the warm bath I took when I got homeJ  Whatever it was...my muscles are hap, hap, happy todayJ

Well, as I sit here I can feel my hair promptly starting to frizz.  It's overcast and chilly, but with that notable damp/humid air...ICK!  At least after today, it's a forecast of mid-70s for the rest of the week.  Phew....MUCH easier to breath in mid-70s at this momentJ heheheheh

Have a great Tuesday!  (I just typed "Have a great weekend!" and then nearly cried from having to delete itJ  Tells you where my mind is alreadyJ)
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