Monday, May 4, 2015

All in the name of health...

Morning, all!  Hope you guys had a great weekend, soaking up ALL THE SUNSHINE.  We're having a pretty much PERFECT weather moment right now:  Cool & crisp morning & nights and warm/no humidity mid-80's during the day.  If it could just stay this EXACT weather for 6 months...well, I guess we'd have to call ourselves San Diego instead of NJ, but I'm willing to share the titleJ

So we had a mixed bag of eats this weekend.  On the 'decadent side,' we had our fun, Saturday night dinner of a trip to a local BBQ hot spot "Funnibonz" to sample up some of their goodies.  And while we've been trying to steer clear of carbs after 3pm most nights, this plate made up for a few days worthJ
Tender brisket, FAB mac & cheese, creamy sweet potatoes and that corn muffin?  Don't even get me started.  I could have had 3 of them and called it a meal!  They were sweet & crunchy on the top and soft & crumbly on the bottom.  Sheer perfection.

And Sunday morning brought Katie's favorite breakfast treat of late:  DOUGHNUTSJ

Including Eet Gud's (new to us) peanut butter filled creation.  Swoooooooooooon!  Still doesn't top their ORIGINAL cream, but I ain't gonna throw it outta the bed, ya know?J 

And in the 'keepin it together' category, we had our Friday night dinner of Pot Stickers burgers with Asian Slaw... 
All the flavors of pot stickers without the rolling or wraps?  I'm OK with thisJ

And our dinner last night was from some Bikini Series prep I had done over the weekend:  TIU Enchiladas con mole (and a vegan 'queso') & salad with TIU Ranch dressing (<~ sorta close to this recipe)... 
Honestly, Scott & I were cracking up with this meal, thinking how very FAR it is from our normal 'enchilada fair,' but I'll try anything onceJ  I don't know if this was necessarily a recipe I would repeat, given it had quite a few steps and I didn't exactly LOVE it enough to repeat said steps, but it was certainly an interesting take and we both felt SUPER healthy afterwardsJ  (I'd rather just opt for the easy and equally healthy taco lettuce wraps for an easier Mexican swap)  

Anddddd, that brings us up to Monday and the beginning of WEEK 4 of the Bikini Series!  Wowza.  Half way to the 8 week mark, although Scott & I fully plan on cycling right back to Week 1 once the 8 weeks are over, subbing in some of our own healthy meals in the few places we found recipes we weren't crazy for.  That said, I don't think we've had one bad breakfast, lunch or snack though....especially the breakfasts.  They've been fab.  Just more great, healthy ideas to keep us movin forward.....and cracking up that life at the moment is involving enchiladas made of millet & ranch dressing made of hemp seedJ  All in the name of health, I long as I get my burgers & Blizzards still in there!J

Have a good Monday, everyone!

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