Friday, May 15, 2015

All the berries...

Thursday Recap:

Breakfast:  Avocado toast with honey & sea salt
So, I took this as a breakfast option and ran with it this week, huh??

Snack:  Coconut almond milk yogurt + strawberries + unsweetened coconut 

Lunch:  2 Wasa crackers with peanut butter & jelly + strawberries
Couldn't get ENOUGH strawberries yesterday...they were sooooooooooo sweet!  Tis' the strawberry season.

Dinner:  Avocado & chipotle mayo topped turkey burgers + kale chips

It was SUPPOSED to be stuffed burgers (al la this recipe), but we...oppps...didn't have enough meat with our leaner portionsJ  TOPPED burgers worked out JUST fine.  Loved the cool & spicy combo.

Which brings us to....sigh...the weekend.  SO. VERY. HAPPY!  Quite a few fun things on tap and I know at least ONE delicious splurgeJ  Hope you guys have some great plans and ENJOY!

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