Thursday, April 16, 2015

"Wednesday night good"...

Wednesday Recap:

Workout #1:  2 sets of arms & legs with 8 pound weights

Breakfast:  2 Blueberry Protein Muffins & 1 cup strawberries

Workout #2:  Power Yoga class
Felt fab this week....sooooooooo happy to survive this week's class with a smile...and not a Code Blue of any sortJ

Lunch:  Confetti Kale Salad  (fyi- that recipe makes 4 servings)  + 1 apple
HUGE salad packed with cabbage, peppers, hemp seeds and mustard/lemon vinaigrette, this plus the apple made for a FILLING LUNCH.  Thankfully, since I was pretty hungry coming home from class.

Snack:  1 banana + 1 tablespoon peanut butter + 1 tablespoon chia seeds 
Was supposed to be the mid-morning snack, but since I was in downward dog at the "morning snack" hour, it made for a nice post-park trip with Katie snackJ

Dinner:  Quinoa Cake with Pesto (TIU Nutrition program) + 1 cup steamed asparagus 
I will admit I was alittttttttttttle nervous about this one, but it seriously was DELICIOUS (much better than it looks in these pics, admittedlyJ)  The quinoa cake was filled with fresh flavors from the onion, diced arugula (swap for spinach) & garlic and the pesto just put it over the top in terms of being filling & satisfying.

It was supposed to be served on a bed of greens with those blueberries & toasted walnuts mixed in, but we were plum out of greens, hence that awkward/random mix on the sideJ
But surprisingly, this was another awesome, fresh flavored & filling dinner....and TRUST ME:  even I was shocked!  Even the damn steamed asparagus was good.

As Scott & I were saying:  "Was it SATURDAY NIGHT good?"  Probably notJ  But was it "Trying to do good during the week good"??  Very much soJ  There IS a difference, I knowJ

And BONUS PICTURE is a little 'suggestion' from Katie to take a picture of her plates from last night...J
She was very proud of herselfJ

So now I'm a little behind on this post, but it's already a GORGEOUS day!  Hope you guys have a great ThursdayJ

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