Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Under the influence....

Tuesday Recap:

Breakfast:  Honey Coconut Kind Bar

I'm blaming the blog for this breakfast, since I was typin up my Monday recap and decided at THAT MOMENT that another KIND bar was necessary ASAP.  I was under MY OWN influenceJ

After breakfast, we headed over to my Mom's to get to work on more Easter sweet bread and ravioli's...

Complete with Katie's own hand-shaped bread...which was my favorite, of courseJ 

Lunch:  Macaroni with crab gravy 
And what is necessary before delving into pasta making?  Pasta EATING, of course!  Thanks, again, goes to my Tizzi Roe for her leftover gravy of one of my very favorite meals.  I usually love delving into the crabs, but wasn't up to the 'commitment' yesterdayJ  Maybe in the summer.  It's MUCH more summer to dig through those shellsJ

 And after an afternoon of pasta and pasta-making, I was pretty full (aside for a few of my Mom's BFF's homemade Tada cookies....yum!)  But once post-Katie bedtime/TV time, I was lookin for a little somethin to end the day.  Enter: 
I try not to eat TOO much microwave popcorn these days, but if I do, I always try to search out the 'natural' ones to avoid that laundry list of scary ingredients.  

Although, I'm still not convinced food is 'super natural' when served in a "microwaved bowl"...J
Hit the spot while catching up on "Impractical Jokers" & "Ridiculousness"...thankfully, not choking on any kernals while I was cracking upJ 

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday!

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