Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Plans for the unplanned...

Tuesday Recap:

Workout:  2 sets arms & legs with 8 pounds

Breakfast:  2 blueberry bars  (recipe from TIU Bikini Series)
I'm so bummed the pretty purple/blue hue from these bars isn't evident in this picture!  These were such a bright and yummy mix of fresh blueberries, oats, almonds, dates, maple syrup...and MORE oats.  Sooooooo delicious.

Snack:  1/2 turkey sandwich + 2 slices avocado (and mustard) on sprouted grain wheat brain 
How's that for a SNACK??  Pretty sweet right?  And totally Bikini Series approved!

 Lunch:  Asian Fish Taco (TIU Bikini series recipe)
Soy sauce, lime juice and sesame oil marinated tilapia, topped with cucumbers and cole slaw mix tossed with mayo, rice vinegar & fresh garlic and piled onto a crisped corn tortilla, these were soooooooooo cool and refreshing.  And much like I said yesterday about how you need to make things manageable for you:  The recipe for these tacos were A LOT more involved (including a jicama & cucumber salsa), but this was my scaled down/easy variation that I knew I would be just fine with.  So instead of driving yourself crazy tracking down jicama & vegenaise, just use what you have and make it EASY on yourself.  

And I SWEAR, there WAS tilapia piled under there!  These are on the menu again for lunch later this week and I think I might split it up between 2 corn tortillas next time since all the toppings were tough to keep together in one 'tila.  I think the 60 extra calories will be worth itJ 

Snack:  Chocolate Chip Coconut Larabar
This wasn't the 'originally planned snack,' but I bought them as 'snack back-ups' yesterday and was just DYING to try this flavor.  And trust:  it was sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!

Dinner:  Jo-Jo's Pizza
And speaking of 'not originally planned,' this dinner was FAR from the TIU meal we were planning, but after my Great Aunt called asking for an impromptu pizza party (and don't impromptu plans work out about 85% better than scheduled ones sometimes??), I just could NOT turn her down and instead, just kept myself under control with the 'just full' lessons I've been learning OVERTIME lately.

I started by filling up on balsamic salad filled with roasted red peppers, tomatoes & fresh mozzarella...

And then I stuck to one piece of tomato-garlic...

...and one of the white-broccoli...
Jo-Jo's is yet ANOTHER place in Hamilton, NJ that serves EXCELLENT pizza and it was TOUGH to put the breaks on.  The only thing that kept me from reaching for another slice was knowing I was going to go from "just full" to "OVERLY FULL" from one more slice and knew it wasn't worth it.  It's easy to reel it in when you can think of it that way...but admittedly, HARD to conjure up that thought when you have that pizza staring you in the faceJ  
So, yep, another example this week how ya still gotta live and be normal while keeping it togetherJ  It was a little tough, but better than waking up feeling gross & stuffed this morning.  It's ALSO better than being the person who orders 'just the salad', cause they're trying to be healthy when they really want pizza, but instead just stares longingly at it and spears their salad while hating life.  Don't hate life, don't be that personJ Eat and enjoy in moderation and you'll be much happierJ  

(again-I write all of this just as much as a reminder to myself as it is to share these reminders with all of you!)

Now:  To get right back at it and have my planned quinoa breakfastJ  

Have a great Wednesday!   

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