Thursday, April 30, 2015

Perfect breakast/Subpar dinner...

Wednesday Recap:

Breakfast:  Tone it Up "Perfect Morning Quinoa"  
So let me tell ya:  This recipe is aptly named, because IT IS PERFECT.  I never, ever, EVER thought I'd say such things about a quinoa breakfast, but it was so sweet & yummy with NONE of that 'discernable quinoa taste' (infinitely better than the first one I ever made back in 2010!....WAY before I knew about the importance of RINSING dried quinoa!)  The only adjustment to the above recipe was that the normal TIU Nutrition Program was made with 1/4 cup COOKED quinoa vs. the 2 1/2 cup the above recipe mentions.  Not sure which one is accurate, but I found this (+ the protein from the almonds) very filling.  Nice surprise and def throwing this one into the morning rotation to make it often and a lot!  

Already wrapped up in a napkin as my on-the-go snack for....

Workout:  Power Yoga Class
And one that ended in the LEAST amount of aches & pains in the last few weeks.  Hallelujah!J

Lunch:  Turkey Sandwich + 1 cup carrots + 1 orange 
There goes that HUGE lunch again...weeeeeeeeeeeeee!  One that kept me COMPLETELY fueled for the afternoon, thankfully, since it involved a FAB time at the park with Katie and one of her little buddies...J

Snack:  Chocolate Chip Coconut Larabar
I wasn't really even THAT hungry by the time 'snack time' rolled around...but more about wanting to get my fix from another one of these FAB barsJ  My poor pre-prepped snacks I had made for the week have taken a backseat next to theseJ

Dinner:  Chicken & Mango salsa lettuce wraps + broccoli 
OK, I gotta admit, these were a little 'uninspired' last night.  In TIU's defense, their original recipe called for marinated tempeh, which may have been a bit different from the 'boring-ness' that turned out to be our chicken (in an attempt not to torment Scott TOO much, I held off from feeding him tempehJ)  I think maybe with some lime-coated GRILLED chicken this woulda been delish, but honestly I didn't even finish it all since it was kinda boring.  Can't complain for only 2 'sorta dud' recipes in 3 weeks.  Thankfully I wasn't too hungry anyway, after a full day of good/filling eats.

Dessert- Mini Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard
Not to mention I had our "Wednesday night Survivor treat" to look forward toJ  Had to go with an ole reliable classic fav last nightJ  

Man, I feel like we've been spoiled this week since it's been a week of BEAUTIFUL weather.  Today's supposed to be another beautiful day and the weekend just looks RIDICULOUS.  I can already hear the sound of jacked-up parking prices coming from the Jersey Shore.J  A sure-fire sign that sunny days are straight aheadJ

Have a great Thursday!J

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