Friday, April 17, 2015

Only one miss of the week...

Thursday Recap:

Breakfast:  2 corn tortillas + 1 cup of mixed veggies ("fresh" from the freezer;) + 1 cup of black beans sauteed in 1 tablespoon olive oil & topped with 2 tablespoons salsa
How HUGE is this breakfast????   Seriously, this took me all of 5 minutes to throw together (thanks to those bagged freezer veggies, honestlyJ) and tasted like a million bucks.  Not to mention: quite a step up from the paltry breakfasts I'm usually used to when I'm trying to cut back a bit.  This was protein & vitamin packed and FULL of flavor.  You could sprinkle the sauteed fillings with garlic powder or anything you'd like, but honestly, it was really good even just plain.  I think I may just be having this again this morningJ  (ps-this was the vegan option, but Scott went by the regular plan and was able to swap the cup of beans for THREE EGGS.  THREE!  He should be full till dinnerJ)

Snack:  1 cup of strawberries + 1/4 cup of cashews

It was really just the cake, not all the rest of the stuff in the picture.  I actually SHOULD have had the cake along with some greens, the blueberries & walnuts PLUS a piece of fruit...but since breakfast was so filling, I didn't even get to lunch until almost 3pm!!  Had to save some room for my snackJ

Snack:  Kale Chips + guacamole (1/2 avocado, onion, lime juice, 1/2 diced tomato)
Wasn't missin this oneJ

Dinner:  Red Lentil Bolognese (TIU Nutrition Plan) over spaghetti squash 
Yeah...and here's where I was really thankfully that the rest of the day was delicious and filling....cause I just WAS NOT feeling this dinner AT ALL.  Which was SUCH a bummer cause A.- I thought it tasted really good when I had prepped it a few days before & B.- OF COURSE, I doubled the recipe to save for a later mealJ  Scott liked it and made a happy plate, but I honestly couldn't even get through 1/4 of the plate before I waved the red flag and had what I REALLY, REALLY had wanted & thought about ALL day:

ONE PIECE of dark chocolate Easter candyJ

Hahahahahahahaha...and after a few lovely tests & doctor-y things yesterday (hence, no workouts yesterday), I kinda think this was just what the ol' body really needed, since I felt better than I had felt all day after downing itJ  Totally hit the spot.  And combined with all of the rest of the goodies from the day, left me completely full & satisfied for the rest of the night.  I KNOW that seems odd, but sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta doJ

As for the leftover bolognese, I'm thinking JUST a serving of the sauce might make for a good lunch with a piece of fruit.  THAT I could probably handle, but I'm not forcing myself to 'dread' this as dinner again, since I KNOW I wouldn't be too excited if I throw it on the menu.  And at the end of the day, NOTHING is worth 'dreading' dinner.  HELL to the NO!  I just don't do it.

But after a week of FABULOUS meals, I'm not complaining too much about one missJ  The rest of the week was honestly delicious and I'm excited for the next 7 weeks to see what other treasures are hits or misses.  Next week involves homemade dried fruit bars and chicken stir-fry...yay!

But now I'm getting ahead of myself, since we have the whole glorious weekend ahead of us...although mine won't be too relaxing since I'll be in yoga teacher training all weekend.  But BONUS is I'll have a whole gaggle of fabulous EdoFoods goodies to share with you guys come Monday!

Until then....Have a FABULOUS weekend!

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