Friday, April 24, 2015

Lots of rambles...

Thursday Recap:

Workout:  2 sets arms & legs with 8 pounds
I know you're probably sick of seeing me say this one over & over everyday, but it's the easiest exercise I can bang out first thing in the morning and then feel like I at least got SOMETHING in for the dayJ  Most days lately I just don't feel overly motivated to do too much else...esp. after chasing Katie around all dayJ  Power yoga on Wednesday & Friday mornings at least throw a little extra into the mix.  I'm hopin to get back to my Monday night class next week too since I MISS IT!

Breakfast:  3 Berry Bliss Bars
The final three of these citrus & vanilla infused bars...I already can't wait to make em again.  JUST SO GOOD!

Snack:  6 oz. non-fat Greek yogurt + vanilla protein powder + cinnamon + 1/3 cup diced dried pineapple + 1 tablespoon chia seeds 

Lunch:  Grilled chicken quesadilla from Zona Fresca at the mall
And after a couple errands and a visit to Daddy at work during lunch hour yesterday, by the time we were headed home, the ONLY thing I wanted was these cheesy quesadillas.  And since the mall was on our way home (and knew Katie would enjoy a trip to the mall playground on a chilly, overcast day), I took it as a sign and totally 'splurged' on my cravings. 
But by splurge, I meant I still was able to keep it together!  Another bonus of the Bikini Series is that its given us subconsious, 5x's-a-day reminders of feeling "just barely full," (something both of us struggle with FOR SURE!), knowing full well a filling snack is never far away so you DON'T have to stuff yourself.  So paying attention to those cues, I ate exactly half of that plate and then packed up the rest to save for lunch for Katie.  It was so nice to have something I REALLLLLLLLY wanted, but managed to enjoy it without feeling stuffed and gross.  Total win, for sure!  
...that, plus I held off from eating even one of the chips that were served alongside, since I KNEW one would lead to all of them, so I just reeled it in and enjoyed the metly, yummy cheese that I really, really, REALLY wanted for the dayJ

Good thing we REALLY loved these things, since they popped up twice on this week's menu and I think a few times next weekJ  Again, can't beat the less-than 5 minute cooking time (made with pre-cooked quinoa), even if you're exhausted from a day of errandsJ.

And in 'bragging news,' I gotta share that Scott's lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks!  I was so proudJ  (I've natraully lost weight also, but sorta feel awkward talking too much about it since just feeling HEALTHY is the main goal for me at the moment)   He actually texted me this morning to say he wants to change the 8-week series into a 52 week oneJ  Like I said, it's not much off from our 'normal' life, its just made us more conscious of making healthier choices.  Not to mention we both just FEEL good.  As much 'work' as it is to really pay attention to what/how much you're eating, the pay-off it tenfold.  It beats feeling gross, sluggish, lazy and all-around lousy...even if sometimes it's REALLLLLLLLLY hard to stop at half of that burger or order the mini Blizzard when your head is telling you you want MORE.  Trust, I know.  So pardon my ramble, but I write it all here as just as much as a reminder to myself as it is to share with all of youJ

Anyway...that's enough from me for the week.  Hope you guys have a GREAT WEEKEND!  I'm sooooooooooo excited it's here!J

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