Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I know you may not believe me...

Monday Recap:

Workout:  2 sets of arms & legs with 8 pound weights

Breakfast:  3 Berry Bliss Bars
Much like the Mango Coconut & Key Lime Pie Bites, these little numbers are a mix of ground almonds, protein powder & dried fruit.  What made them EXTRA delicious was the addition of orange zest, fresh orange juice and vanilla....swoooooooooon!  FABULOUS!

Snack:  2/3 cup non-fat Greek yogurt + cinnamon + chia seeds + dried pineapple + protein powder 
OK, so Scott & I both agreed the first bite of this was ROUGH.  I'm still TRYING to get used to that SUPER TANGY plain Greek yogurt flavor that everyone tells you to add your own fruit/flavoring to make it healthier, but I must admit it's still a tough sell...and that was even after I added a tablespoon of vanilla protein powder in here just to give it a flavor boost.  BUT, once you swirled in all of the pineapple and got a little bit with each bite, I must admit that it was 100000% better.  Getting there...J

Lunch:  Pasta Salad 
The healthy swap here was the pasta was actually quinoa & brown rice pasta (from Trader Joe's), which you honestly couldn't tell the difference (well, maybe a little, but nothing earth shattering)  The rest of the salad was a mix of veggies & balsamic, olive oil and lemon juice for dressing.  Scott & I both decided the diced artichoke hearts were our favs, since they added a bit of a briny KICK to the whole thing.

Snack:  Slice of dried mango + 1/4 cup cashews + 2 tablespoons of unsweetened coconut flakes 
I REALLY thought that pasta salad was going to hold me over till dinner, but I knew my sweet tooth was pingin at 3:30 and I was ready for a snack.  TIU recommended 1 tablespoon of dried mango, but how the hell are ya supposed to do that??  The Trader Joe's dried mango contained no extra sugar, so I just stuck to a slice.  I wasn't about to obsess over the serving size of a single piece of dried fruitJ

 Dinner:  Pesto Quinoa Bowls
OK...I know you may not believe me from the picture, but I seriously think this is my VERYFAVORITE way I've eaten quinoa EVER!  It was that or the fact that I had already prepped a whole bunch of quinoa in my fridge for the week, so when I went to make this meal:  it took under 5 minutes & made in ONE POT!  Scott & I both agreed we think we'd eat anything if it was THAT simple (and delicious) on a busy weeknightJ

All I had to do was add 1 1/4 cup of cooked quinoa (2/3 cups for each) to the pot, add in pesto (about 2 tablespoons for each of us) and then about 6 handfuls of torn spinach and toss it around until the spinach wilted a bit... 
I think pesto may be quinoa's BFF because the 2 just pair SO WELL.  We REALLLLLLLLLLLY liked this dinner and could easily see us making it often, especially with fresh basil this summer.  Again...can't beat that cooking & clean up time, plus it felt FABULOUS for the ole bod.  Just trust me hereJ

I WILL admit it was a bit tough to stick to no dessert last night, but I hung in.  But if desperate times called for desperate measure, I think 1/2 of a KIND bar would have done the trick.  Not to mention, after a FULL weekend, I just could NOT get off the couch for more yoga last night.  My head & heart were in it, but my body just wasn't feelin it.  Hopin to head back to a gentle class tonight just to ease myself back into the week.

Alright...is anyone else sweating??  It's super humid in the house this morning, but I hear it's gonna be a gorgeous one, so we'll have to get out and about today.  Not that I'll have much of a choice since Katie had not one, but THREE meltdowns yesterday over the fact that it was raining and she couldn't go out in her backyard.  Thankfully she did get in some puddle splashing once the rain passed in the late afternoon, thanks to NonaJ  She already asked me before 7:03am this morning if she could go outside.  None too subtle hint takenJ

Have a great Tuesday!

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