Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gotta still live & love...

Wednesday Recap:

Breakfast:  Flax/Almond Meal pancake with peanut butter & syrup + 1 cup of strawberries

Snack:  1 Berry Bliss Bar

Workout:  Power Yoga Class
Felt wonderful after my 2-day yoga hiatus.  It's funny what I still can & can not do in yoga at this point.  I can't lift my leg straight back for a one-leg downward dog, but can still bang out a side plank with no problems.  Cracks me up when the 'simple things' are tough, but the harder muscles moves for the arms and legs are fine and I have no excuses for skipping themJ  As I tell all my yoga classmates: "I'll keep doin what I can till I can't"J

Lunch:  Chicken Stir-Fry + 1 orange 
Scott & I both agreed that the leftover stir-fry was even BETTER than the first time 'round.  We have one more serving saved in the fridge for dinner Friday night and by then, it should be epically delicious.  Not to mention I think that orange was the best one I ever had in my whole life.  Sooooooo sweet & juicy.

Snack:  Hummus + carrots

Dinner:  Bean Salad + 1/2 avocado 
I had made this quick 3 bean + tomato + red onion + white balsamic salad for dinner on Saturday night and just doubled up the recipe so we could reap the NO COOK benefits mid-week.  Again:  if it's THAT quick & easy mid-week, I think me & Scott will eat anythingJ  Not to mention, a 1/2 an avocado is nothing to sneeze about in the filling/satisfying department and really helped make BEAN SALAD feel like a complete meal.

And I think I made an executive decision in our house last night:  Since Wednesday is our most-looked-forward-to TV night, with our "Survivor" countdown starting as soon as Scott walks in the door on Wednesdays, so I think a mid-week sweet treat in it's honor is a good idea.  We've been trying to hold off desserts during the rest of the week (with maybe a treat or 2 over the weekend...I DO NOT denying myself the great joy of going out for ice cream in the summer!), but I think one reasonable mid-week treat is a good idea to get through the week AND hold off any cravings so you don't binge and go crazy once you finally 'allow yourself' sugar over the weekends.  I might try out some TIU recipes (like these fudge pops) or 'healthier' sweet treat recipes for the night, but last night's kick-off definitely demanded one of these little guys...esp. since I had been thinking about it since Friday nightJ  Salted caramel truffles + health bar pieces = probably my FAVORITE Blizzard of all time...and I'd say that's a pretty heavy statementJ  You MUST try it before it disappears off the month-long menu!  I seriously savored & loved every bite.  And even though the mini stats are STILL pretty scary, one in the smallest serving size in the middle of an otherwise healthy week is more than fine.  Gotta still live & love, ya know what I mean??

Anyone else REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY looking forward to the weekend?  My brain is like a pinball machine of all the things I want to do with Scott & Katie, probably emphasized since I felt like I barely saw them while I was with my yogis last weekendJ  My heart really wants to go down the shore for a beach night, but those April-low 60's temps don't seem to be weighing in my favorJ  We'll see what happens.  All I know is:  I'm GIDDY FOR FRIDAY AT 3:30 (when Scott gets homeJ)

Have a good Thursday!  (ALMOST THERE!)

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