Monday, March 9, 2015

Yogi eats, part 2...

Morning, everyone!    ...OK, maybe I should cut it with the exclamation point since I'm sure this has been a sllllooowww moving morning for everyone adjusting to the time change.  But how bout that post 7 o'clock sunset last night??  That felt FAB!  That one was exclamation point worthyJ

What else is also exclamation point worthy??  Yet another weekend with my yoga peeps at yoga teacher training this weekendJ  Weeeeee(exclamation point)

Which also meant another weekend of AMAZING custom eats from edoFoods from start to finish.  I can honestly I say I've never felt more nourished by this incredibly healthy, fresh and DELICIOUS food.  Each little bundle came with an ingredients list that looked as healthy and natural as THIS:

Healthy CHOCOLATE banana bread?  Well, that was a great way to kick off the weekend.  That and the adorableness of these mini loaves coming labeled with our names and wrapped in little bundles tied in twine.  It's the LITTLE, sweet things that amuse us yogisJ 

Our main lunch entree for the day was the mere definition of fresh:  Fit Fuyu Salad lettuce wraps... 

Talk about a meal to transition us right from winter to the delights of spring, these little lettuce cups were filled with fuyu persimmons, FENNEL (which no one could believe, since that's such a strong flavor and was soooo mellow here), pomegranate seeds & edoFoods specialty citrus dressing...
Light, refreshing and full of cool & citrus-y flavors, the lettuce and pomegranate seeds gave a great crunch and the rest of the ingredients melded into an incredible bursts of fresh, bright flavors.  So incredible.

And as a side dish, some good ole pasta salad made so fabulously healthy with brown rice quinoa fusili & edoFood's stellar vegan mayo.... 

Filling and studded with veggies & herbs to give it such a lovely, fresh flavor, this had all the flavor of pasta salad without that icky, heavy feeling from its traditional high fat ingredients.  A perfect side for the light wraps. 

And for our final treat of Saturday: 
I mean, how cute???  My friend combined the 'blues' of winter with a little hint from what has become the collective 'yoga baby'J to name her fabulous bar.  (so honored!J)  A RAW blueberry oat bar over an oat base, this just tasted like a bite of sweet berry summer mixed with the cool, PURE ingredients.  Just heaven.

And Sunday brought even MORE goodies with a few extra treats thrown inJ  Oh, it was a good dayJ

We started the morning with pepper, carrot & zucchini sticks paired with a side of homemade hummus....which is always such a treat and about heads & tales better than any store bought... 

And for lunch, how's this for a cool duo???  Sweet eggplant soup sided up with FALAFEL WAFFLES!!! 
How clever was THAT to take a traditional deep-fried falafel and make it healthier by crisping it up in a waffle iron??  Not to mention the sweet soup paired perfectly since the falafel, which had quite a hit of spice.  Perfect sweet & spicy combo that was soooo filling.

Nooooottttt that we didn't have our fair share of 'extra' treats in the afternoon.  First up was our final treat of the weekend from edoFoods...which combined one of my most favorite things EVER...
I nearly died with excitment when I heard we were having COCONUT MOUSSE!  Coupled with the baby's favorites of late:  Chocolate & fresh berries = oh, so very HAPPY!
Every single bite of every edoFoods treat just tasted so PURE.  It feels nice to have an entire weekend of foods that you just KNOW makes your body so very happy.  Thank you again SO MUCH, Ricky & Jenn!  We were ALL so grateful and excitedJ

And even though we had PLENTY, we actually got a few EXTRA treats yesterday, starting with some homemade cinnamon & citrus rice pudding.....

And thanks to our lovely fellow student, Cristina, we learned all about the celebration & tradition that is International Women's Day.  And even though Women's Day has its roots in America (thanks Eleni for THAT lesson), Cristina told us that it is a HUGE deal in Europe.  And since the yellow mimosa flowers are in full bloom in Italy this time of year, the night before you will find all of the men plucking the trees since your husband, brother, boss, doctor, etc. delivers these flowers to all of the women every March 8th.  And not only did Cristina festoon our room with pretty yellow flowers to mimic the mimosa (as well as bring us a little sprig...that smelled like HEAVEN!).  She made us the traditional Italian favorite:  Tiramisu... 

Needless to say, we were all very excitedJ 

Scott's definitely the tiramisu fan in our house, but her homemade amaretto version was just BLISS.
The perfect way to celebrate the end of yet another INCREDIBLE weekend.  We all left so very happy, grateful...and FULLJ

Even Katie got a little taste of the weekend with a sniff of the mimosa and an edoFoods chocolate cococnut mousse mustacheJ 

THANK YOU to ALL involved in a fabulous weekend!  Especially edoFoods, Gaby for her rice pudding, Cristina for the tiramisu and, of course, all of our teachers, facilitators & fellow students aka-the greatest peeps you'll ever be fortunate enough to knowJ after that peaceful, blissful recap, it's hard to jump back into a 'normal' Monday, but Katie's not interested in any more of my yoga reminiscingJ 

Hope you guys have a great Monday!

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