Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts (Plural:)...

Morning, everyone!  Hope you guys had a great weekend!  We had a pretty quite one around these parts since, after being PERFECTLY FINE for dance class on Saturday, Katie came home and felt a bit under the weather and stayed there almost all weekend.  She was fine 85% of the time, but if she actually STOPS and does THIS at any point in the day... know she's not feeling 100% since she NEVER slows downJ  It made for a good excuse to lay low for the weekend.  Aside from a heading out through the snow to get our taxes done on Friday and a trip to my yoga studio Saturday night, we kinda just hung around....getting a lot done in the meantime, which felt SOOO good!  Got so many odds and ends done just from putzing around the house and actually completing tasks that we had been putting off, that they all added up to feeling like we had organized almost the whole house without too much effort.  It always feels good when you can feel relaxed AND productive, ya feel me?? 

ANYWAY....we also had some good eats over the weekend (of course...), and I have a little of each course to show ya this morning.

Nothin says Sunday morning like an excuse for CAKE for breakfast, amiright?? 
This didn't need much but a few strawberries & a sprinkle of powdered sugar (and maybe some whipped creamJ) as a topping since, again: CAKEJ

Lunch:  Trader Joe's 5 Cheese Frusta

AKA.- folder pizza.  This total impulse TJ's purchase was a little decadent for a lunch treat but an oh-so-worth it/once in awhile one.  12 minutes in the oven and this delicious little number tasted fresh and full of spices and gooey cheese surrounded by a crisp crust that didn't taste like a freezer product AT ALL.  At least the 440 calories kept me full for the rest of the afternoon, so there's thatJ.

So since I had 2 heads of basil QUICKLY wilting on my counter on Saturday morning, I took, NOT EVEN KIDDING, about 45 minutes to whip up these 2 meals and then I was OFF cooking duty for the rest of the weekend.  How fabulous was that?????

First up was Bread Soup filled with kale & butter beans...

Complete with a "LOOK HOW THICK IT IS"/typical spoon pictureJ 

And then for Sunday dinner:  Caprese Chicken Lasagna, filled with sundried tomatoes, chopped artichoke hearts, shredded chicken and basil-spiked ricotta, this baby came together in near-minutes with the help of my food processor to give everything a quick chop.  Seriously, the 'hardest part' was poaching and shredding the chicken.  The rest came together SO FAST.
And I can't even TELL you how happy I was when, come Sunday night, all I had to do was pop this in the oven for about an hour.  Sigh...BLISS.  I love to cook, but I ALSO love a homemade meal with minimal effort even MOREJ  (and in even LESS effort news:  The recipe makes enough for 2 meals...YES!)

Desserts:  In the homemade corner:  CANNOLI POKE CAKE
I took my HALF-A-CAKE plan even smaller and made QUARTER CAKE for less leftovers (just halved the HALF recipeJ)  Condensed milk soak cake topped with a ricotta & marscapone cannoli cream, this one was swoon worthy.  (although still can't top the COCONUT varietyJ)

And in the non-homemade corner:  Scott & I had a little sampler party on Sunday night of Ben & Jerry's latest CORE flavors...
Flavored ice cream circling a cookie core center...
...we loved every sample...buttttttt I have to say the Boom Chocolatta! with the chocolate center was definitely the fav of the three.  I'm not really a chocolate ice cream person, so let that speak for itself!

So how's that for a trifecta for ya?  Think I got all your meals and very important chocolate courses coveredJ 

And I thought most of ya'll would be happy to know that one of my MAIN 'chores' for the weekend was the final strip down all of my St. Patty's AND SNOWMAN decorations for the season.  I'm not necessarily sure I've EVER been so excited for spring.  Not because I was particularly overly tired of winter, but just because I'm excited for all things pastel & sunny.  Definitely Katie's faultJ  So hopefully I'll help swing the tide of the temperatures and we'll see some warmer days soon.  Gotta get out all the bunnies & chicks out today to maybe swing the tide even MORE.

Have a good Monday!J

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