Friday, March 27, 2015

The stuggle is real...

Thursday Recap:

Breakfast:  Brown rice cake with 1/4 avocado
...anddd those crumbs from the bottom of the bag that are sprinkled on top signal the end of my rice cake supply.  Who'd a thunk they'd be at the top of my latest shopping list???

Snack:  Easter bread

Lunch:  Apple with peanut butter, honey & cinnamon
This thing really is a cravings killer.  Again, I'm gonna credit the fact that it has ALL THOSE FLAVORS.

This thing has been on my list ALL winter leave it to me for it to FINALLY make its appearance at my table on the first 70 degree dayJ  At least it was there's thatJ

And I'm not sure what took so long for me to make it considering it's a ONE POT WONDER, making both the meat sauce... 

...AND pasta in the SAME PAN! 

Top with ricotta, Parmesan and mozzarella and tossed in the broiler to give everything a quick melt and dinner hit the table in less than 30 minutes....WEEEEEEEEEEE! 

Could this possibly even BE bad??  Three cheeses + pasta + one pot to clean + EXTREME coziness!  Winner all around.

Workout:  Zumba
OK, so maybe the only place the pasta wasn't so great for, was having it BEFORE heading to this classJ  My near-7 month pregnant self doesn't exactly feel as 'light & dance-y' as usual anymore, so throw in heavy pasta and I felt like I was barely lifting my feet by the end of the class.  Still, I shuffled around and moved my arms enough to get a good sweat and that was as good as I could do last nightJ

At least I broke my sweet tooth for one night!  By the time I got home, there was enough time to chug some water, meditate and hit the hayJ    ...not that I wasn't thinking about CHOCOLATE before ZumbaJ

So, I'm thinking tonight might be the night I pull the "NJ Lenten Friday" card and call it pizza night around this house.  So listen to this:

-I initially wanted Pappa's (which has now relocated to Robbinsville, NJ), for their simple, classic tomato pie topped with fresh, whole garlic.  

-THEN I happened to see a featurette on our well-loved South Jersey fav Bricco on Facebook this morning, reminding me JUST how OBSESSED I was with this place in late December/early January.  I think we ate there three times in so many time being two days in a rowJ  I just couldn't get enough of their crisp pizza and outrageously good Cesar salad.

-THEN I remembered Scott's favorite Federici's has been on BOTH of our brains since my birthday trip for thin crustJ

-THEN I remember there was also a place in Bordentown that I had been wanting to try.

-THEN I remembered we have THE best Sicilian pie for take-home from Nino's and a ANOTHER new place around the corner that has a pretty cheap one in the area.

#JERSEY PROBLEMS!  THE STRUGGLE IS REALJ  I mean, our options for FABULOUS pizza are really insane.  And that's seriously not even a quarter of our options.  I could def add to that already obnoxiously long listJ

Oh, and wondering why my beloved Delorenzo's isn't on this list??  Because unless we're ready to go to dinner at 4, I'd prepare for a LONNNNNNNG wait to get into this place....esp. on Lenten Friday.  Hell, ANY Friday in that placeJ  I actually went on a random Wednesday night not too long ago and by the time we were done eating around 8pm, a waiting crowd had formed near-round our table.  Craziness.

Now that I think of it, 4 o'clock dinner doesn't sound TOO badJ

Soooooo....we'll see what wins outJ  Hope you guys have a great weekend!!!

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