Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Negotiation tactics...

Morning, all!  Sorry to leave ya'll hangin on our final pizza selectionJ  (Ya know, cause I'm sure you've barely slept since I posted that crazy listJ)  But the winner Friday night was Scott's fav, Frederici's, where I had been DYING to try their white pie with broccoli since seeing it on InstagramJ  (how modernJ)
Airy, cheesey and delicious...and of course, we had to get a small tomato too...cause ya just gotta!

The rest of the weekend was a mix of meals out and some homemade eats, including these carrot cake waffles with maple nut cream cheese spread for Sunday morning breakfast...because TIS the season for RABBIT FOODJ

And then, as always, it was back to Monday before we knew it.  And also as usual, it was back to trying to eat healthier and cleaner than during the weekend.....but that may have went askew for a bit before comin back around.  Let me explainJ

Monday Recap:

Breakfast:  Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt (such a good flavor...sweet & salty!)

+ Strawberries

And here's where things went alittle askewJ  We took Katie for our tradition torment trip to see the Easter Bunny.  Which, after a lot of PREP and negotiation, we actually got a NON-CRYING photo (unlike LAST YEAR)....baby stepsJ
And I had all good intentions of going with my 'not too bad' mall food court option of grilled chicken quesadillas, until FRENCH FRIES became a negotiation tactics for Katie (oh yeah...remember, BEFORE I had kids, when I said I would NEVER do such things??  BWAHAHAHA!)  and the most delicious looking ones at the food court came from...

Problem being:  Katie ate about 3 of em, leaving Scott & I to nitpick at the restJ  OK, OK, that's totally blame-shifting and I'm super happy she only ate 3 of em, but they were super temptation for a 'trying to eat better' Monday.

But then we pulled it back around with a GREENER dinner:)  Only problem with this salad???  I FORGOT the BASIL part of the caprese!  Definitely noticed it was missing, but it was light & yummy, regardless.  Hot dog and fries, be gone!

Workout:  Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Alrighty, Katie & I are headin out to work on more Easter cooking traditions today.  Hope you have a good Tuesday!

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