Friday, March 20, 2015

Mission: Pastry...

Thursday Recap:

Breakfast- 2 Cracker Barrel Pancakes + 2 turkey sausages + fruit cup
I'm not really quite sure how, in the 9,000 times my Mom & I have went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast in the last few years, that I have never gotten ONE picture of their pancakesJ  NOT ONE!  (maybe because, like yesterday, I left my phone in the carJ)  But they are seriously some of my all-time favs, since they are a bit 'funnel cake-esq' with their crispy edges.  I added the turkey sausage & fruit cup for extra satiety since I knew we had a busy afternoon and I didn't want to have another EXHAUSTION REPEAT of TUESDAY....ekkkkk!

And busy turned into EXCEPTIONALLY busy, when we all headed to the Best Dressed for Less kids consignment sale.  My Mom & I have been going to the twice (now three) time yearly event since right before Katie was born and LOVE getting name brand finds for 3,4 or 5 dollars.  Can't beat that for kid's clothes that they usually wear only a few times.  The only problem?  It was opening day and we were FAR from the only people at the sale and the line stretched THE ENTIRE LENGTH of this building by the time we were ready to check-out at 12pm...
THANK GOD for my Mom & her best friend, who waited in line while I kept Katie busy and had to sit myself down quite a few times in the near TWO HOURS they were in line!  (We've NEVER been there when it was THAT busy!)  I still can't understand the logic that I can exercise with not too many problems but STANDING IN ONE PLACE makes me feel dizzy and exhausted...???  Pregnancy is WEIRD.

So anyways, thanks to that big breakfast, we were at least held over during that epic shopping trip and for the rest of the afternoon as well.  And when dinner time rolled around, I was SO VERY GRATEFUL to have a quick, back-up meal waiting in my fridge...

Dinner- 2 Mafalda manicotti & meat sauce + salad 
Soup was on the menu for last night and these were on tap for Saturday, but they got bumped WAY up when I just DID NOT feel like cooking last night.  THANK YOU to my Tizzi Roe who shared these with my Mom and then shared them on with us!J  YOU SAVED DINNER!  And these were just so divine.  Paper-thin crepes stuffed with ricotta.  I had made the quick meat sauce (cause I was TOO LAZY TO MAKE MEATBALLS!) to make em extra filling, but honestly, they were really filling on their own.

We even had a happy camper at dinner last night...which has been a rare occurrence around these parts.  She's just not much of a dinner person (but is currently eating chickpeas for breakfast as I type thisJ), but she happily housed some manicotti, meat sauce (which SHE thought were meatballs) and a TON of salad.  Hallelujh!

And then,of course, the crown jewel of the evening came from a special trip here... 
I still say Nino's Pastry Shop in Hamilton, NJ has THE best cannolis I've ever eaten, but yesterday we were on a mission for something else....

Leave it to us Italians to make one of the most DIVINE pastries as part of a Saint day observationJ  The week of March 19th is SERIOUS business at bakeries around the north East, cranking these light as air pastries filled with custard out all the day long.  They were so in demand, in fact, that the custard ones were being pulled OUT of the fryer and into eager shoppers hands, since they couldn't make them fast enough to meet the demands of the hungry massesJ

We split the cannoli-filled (with their indescribably perfect cannoli cream) and one traditional custard and savored all the goodness....and a tip of the cap to St. Joseph, of courseJ
Now to go about my day making healthy choices after typing about pastriesJ  This should be easy...not at allJ

And, to much of Jersey's dismay, we woke up to an overcast morning after a BRIGHT but chilly Thursday.  I just let Penny out in the backyard and said " smells like snow."  We'll see what Mother Nature has in store for us...and hopefully it's a tease to warmer days ahead.  Easter dresses are on the forecast soon, Momma Nature, so ya might wanna get your stuff together.  Just sayinJ

Have a great weekend, everyone!J

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