Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Green abound...

 Tuesday Recap:

Breakfast:  Berry Spinach Smoothie
In the mix:
  • Water
  • Frozen mixed berries
  • Frozen Cherries
  • 1/4 cup dry Old fashioned oats
  • Spinach
  • 1 scoop protein powder

Snack #1:  Watermelon 

Ohhhhhhh...I had bought a container of this and pineapple last week in a flurry of Katie shopping since it looked like the BESTTHINGEVER.  Indeed the pineapple was, given I polished it off in 2 daysJ  For all those yearning for summer:  Here's a glimpse of the days aheadJ

Lunch:  Happy Salad 
  • Lettuce
  • Almonds
  • 2% cheese
  • Craisins
  • Thousand Island Dressing...because it was staring me in the face
And I seriously liked this salad so much that I had another bowl a few hours later!

Snack #2:  Toast with butter & flax
And after the toast and SECOND bowl of salad, I actually felt pretty queasy and called it a day on the food front.  Unfortunately I also had to call it a day on the exercise front as well, since I felt off AND a slight headache developed right around the time the snow/sleet began to fall around 3pm.  In short:  the rest of the day felt BLAH.

But in other news, food wasn't the only thing to GO GREEN yesterday...
Not too shabby for a few Dollar Store decorations to celebrate Katie's 1 gazillion % Irish rootsJ  Maybe next year I'll pick up some green lights too...cause those pink ones are just SCREAMIN EasterJ

OK...time to get myself to THE GYM this morning.  I am SOOOOOOOOO beyond ready!

Have a great Wednesday!

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