Thursday, March 19, 2015

Beat the line...

Wednesday Recap:

Breakfast:  Almond meal & Flax pancake with peanut butter & syrup
Again, after a day of never getting to that SUPERHUNGRY point, I wonder why I don't have one of these every morning.  Never getting to that hungry point = not getting super cravey & grabbing the first thing you see...only to be followed by the next thing you see.  I really believe a solid breakfast helps prevent that from happening 1000%.

Workout #1:  Power Yoga class
And after spending nearly the entire day on Tuesday feeling like I could barely lift my feet, it was a pleasant surprise that I made it through this class really well.  It's always a happy surprise when I don't need to be the OBVIOUSPREGNANT one taking a break in the middle of classJ

I fully planned on having 2 of these, but honestly they are so filling from all the flavors & textures, that one held me over perfectly well.  Not to mention the thick rice cake topped with the 2 sliced strawberries somehow mounds VERY high and makes you feel like you're taking HUGE bites.  And let's be honest:  Sometimes that's just too damn satisfying...and it's not even a burger here, so how bout that??J

Snack:  Sprouted grain wheat toast with butter & flax
Cause that's what sounded delicious at the momentJ

Workout #2:  2 mile Walk Away the Pounds
Did the ORIGINAL walk last night and cracked Scott up by knowing nearly every word Leslie was about to spout off.  I've done this one SO. MANY. TIMES and never get tired of itJ  Makes me feel really nostolgic about my early weight loss days, actually!

Dinner:  "Burrito Bowls"
So I've been meaning to tell you guys how our...ummmm, over-a-month-ago first soiree to Chipotle was a smashing success.  So much so that we tried to order it online the very next day for lunch only to find out we needed to place our order about 2 hours earlier, since everyone else must have had the same idea as usJ  But what can I say?  We fell in love hardJ  The burrito bowl combo of sofritas (it was a Lenten FridayJ), fajita veggies, lettuce, corn salsa and cheese was just too damn delicious...
...and don't even get me started on their guacamole & chips.  OH. MY.

So, what's the best thing to do until we can coordinate our times for ordering and/or make it back in there to beat the LONGLINE?  Make our own, of courseJ  There were a few components, but they all came together pretty quickly.  Including white  rice made with a pat of butter, salt, 1/4 cup cilantro and juice from 1/2 a lime... 

Chili/cumin/garlic powder/onion powder/salt coated chicken and black beans and a quick defrost of some Trader Joe's roasted corn & roasted bell peppers.... 

...all topped with a healthy dollop of cilantro & lime guacamole and dinner hit the table before we knew it.
This was one of those meals I could see going into our weekly rotation since it was all our favorite things, really easy to throw together and SUPER HEALTHY.  And don't fear the cilantro here, peeps!  That and the lime gave the entire bowl such a fresh ZING.  If you don't think you like cilantro, give it another whirl...especially in this recipe.  It might just surprise you what a POP it give to your whole dish.

Dessert:  The last of the Coconut poke cake
Half-a-cake made just enough for a family dinner on Sunday and one more serving for both Scott & I last night.  Perfect.  Just enough for watching "Survivor" last nightJ

So how bout our East Coast forecast of snow for tomorrow??  Even I, the lover of all things winter, is meeting this news with an equal GROAN.  Once you get tempted by those 60+ degree days and see the beautiful beach, it's hard not to get giddy for the warmer days.

What a minute...who am I???  Seriously, that sentence wasn't even in my vocabulary pre-summer loving KatieJ  I don't even know myself sometimes.  I'm OK with thisJ

Anyyywaaayyyy, have a great Thursday!J

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