Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What cabin fever??

 Tuesday Recap:

Workout #1: Tone it Up Full Body Workout (14 minutes!)
What I liked about this video:  It was SHORT & 4 easy, effective moves.
What I wasn't crazy over:  You did each move about 90000 times (prob around 20-30 reps in realityJ), so there wasn't much variety.  But you literally blink and it's over, soooo....

Breakfast:  "Magic Oats" with Banana, Chia Seeds & Peanut Butter
And what's chia seed oatmeal without a little MORE chia??  Like I said, I love texture, so toss some more on the oats and I'm good to go. 

Of course that whole bowl was far from mine since someone thiefed a bit... 

...and then asked for seconds.  Thanks, kid! 

But I guess how else does one fuel up a nearly hour-long session of playing on a homemade slide made out of cardboard??  
What cabin fever??

Lunch:  CHOCOLATE Cherry Cake Batter Protein Shake 
I have been completely obsessed with ALL CHOCOLATE-CHERRY recipes on Pinterest lately.  Odd because I have yet, or have ever, made anything really that's chocolate cherry...???

That was until yesterday, when I modified my usual favorite Cherry Cake Batter smoothie a bit:
  • 1/3 cup part skim ricotta
  • Spinach (because:  Why not?  Can't taste it at all)
  • 1 scoop chocolate protein powder  
  • Drops of almond & butter extract
  • 1 tablespoon sugar-free chocolate pudding mix
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 5 ice cubes
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk (or until reached desired consistency)
  • 7-8 cherries (pitted)
 Hit the spot...and it was so thick, it took me a good half-hour to polish it off.  Can't hate on that!
ps-it was also a big hit with the toddler crowd

Snack: 4 Trail Mix Cookies + 4 strawberries 
ps-those strawberries were snarled after I realized those little cookies were NOT going to hold me over until dinner...and maybe, just maybe, someone was getting a little hangryJ  Thankfully, the strawberries carried me right over the slumpJ

Dinner:  Bacon & Brussel Sprouts Carbonara + Arugula salad 

Oh man...THIS was SNOW DAY FOOD: 101.  Cozy, comforting and chock full of flavor, I have this bizarre LOVEEEE for brussel sprouts + pasta.  Not because brussels are my favs, but because  they add a hearty (and healthy) boost to pasta without the usual brussels "dread."  Word UP. 

There may or may not have been another twirl added to that plate since my Grandmother always said 'the best serving was always at the bottom of the pot', since they're the spaghetti strands that get to soak up all the sauce & the last of the toppings.  And we couldn't let that go to waste now, could we?? 

It has been a minute and a day since I've done this ole video from my collection.  And since my planned gym class fell right when I was ready to make dinner (cause...ummmm, I was STARVING by 5!), I blew the dust off this bad boy and gave it new life right in the warmth of my own home last night...
I forgot how much of an arm, waist, hip and leg workout this was.  It's not crazy intense, but your legs certainly feel it when you're done.  And by "feel it," I mean you feel tight & toned...and who's gonna argue with that one??  It's also great for your posture too, because who has better posture than those perfect ballerinasJ

Dessert- Strawberry Cheesecake yogurt dessert 
Dannon's new line of "dairy desserts" are cheesecake flavored thick Greek yogurt smothered in dessert toppings (they also have pudding varieties).  This strawberry one is DI-VINE and clocks in at 180 calories and 8 grams of protein.  I actually couldn't finish this last night, so that made me even happier to bring the calories down even a bit more.  Plus a protein source is ALWAYS a good choice for a dessert option, since it helps rebuild your day's wear & tear to your muscles while you sleep.  Weeeeeeee....

So how bout it's ASH WEDNESAY already??  How the heck is Lent already staring us in the face?  Didn't I JUST put away my Christmas decorations??  (OK...maybe I actually did since my tree officially came down on the DAY OF the SuperbowlJ)  I think Post-Christmas depression is REAL.  I'm calling it here & now since my heart has had a small hole ever since my season of tinsel & joy wrapped up.  (probably didn't help that I spent most of the month of December in bed rahter than celebrating proper)...  Is it too early to start a countdown??  (I know you're with me here, Lea!)

Oh yeah, Ash Wednesday.  Sorry for my tangentJ  For all you winter-haters, it DOES give us the promise of spring in the not too distant future...and bringing us one month closer to Christmas.  Did I say that??J

Anyway...have a great one!J

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