Friday, February 13, 2015

Superfood + chocolates??

Morning, everyone!  So, as promised, here was my haul from Trader Joe's yesterday morning.  I figured a video was a good way to shake things up on a Friday.  Plus a great way for you to all bask in my 5-month pregnant gorgeousness....

Yes.  That is sarcasm at its finest.
Unfortunately my video cut off before I got to tell you to keep the secret of those 'healthy chocolates' to yourselfJ About 10 minutes after I...ummmm...self-directed a 'cut' on this video, I cracked open those bad bears and was NOT disappointed...

The caramel was smooth and buttery and the only detection of the QUINOA was a bit of crunch that mixed right along with the pecans....mmmmmmmm...TEXTURE:

So yep, that's what I got for you guys today.  Figured I had a few more 'special' posts before I got back to my regularly scheduled programming of my daily food/exercise log.  Hope you guys like it!

Oh yeah...and one more thing:  Katie's victory of finding the hidden Trader Joe's tiger yesterday in the snack aisle... took 10-minutes of 'prep work' to explain we had to turn this special prize in to exchange it for a different prize (aka-a lollipop from the TJ's "treasure chest") because this tiger was quickly deemed her "MOSTFAVORITEANIMALEVER!"  *WIDE EYED PANIC*  Thankfully, the sight of lemon lollipops prevailed, along with getting to hide the tiger for the next kid.  PHEW!  Crisis=averted.

Alright...well, it's with pretty great struggle that I gotta head out for some power yoga this morning, given that I think the weather in NJ is somewhere around -400 below zero, or something equally as pleasant.  Time to crank up the oven for something COZY tonight!

Stay warm, happy Friday and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all the ones you love!

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