Thursday, February 19, 2015

Quicker than the delivery may...

Wednesday Recap:

Breakfast:  Almond meal/flax pancake with peanut butter & syrup
Still my fave 'faux protein pancake' outta the bunch.  It's got great texture from the flax that I just L-U-V. (ps-I never add the extra teaspoon of sweetener from this recipe.  I'd rather save it for a drizzle of maple syrup on top.)

Workout #1:  Power Yoga
Starting to feel MUCH stronger after getting back to yoga at the end of December.  I still don't let myself work up into too crazy of an intense sweat (aka- doing modified chaturangas & skipping the jumps forward and back into plank), but have been working out a lot on my arm & leg strength...because I have no excuses for skipping thoseJ  But I DO take the pass to skip any intense ab workouts right now...and I'm A-OK with THISJ

Lunch:  Banana + 1/4 cup Coconut Cashews (160 calories)
Since I knew I was pretty much heading DIRECTLY from the gym to pick up my Mom & Katie for a quick Ash Wednesday mass, I packed a quick lunch to slam down right after class.  Although I got busted since Katie got in the car and said "I smell banana!"  The nose knows...J

And since Katie was so good while getting her "dashes," we took her for a reward trip to the kid's library...

...and for some fro yo.  OK-that's kind of a lie since a stop at my fav local yogurt place has become my post-power yoga stop for the last 2 weeks....despite the fact that it's February & has been FREEZING!  But we literally say "Namaste" and all I can think about is STRAWBERRY YOGURTJ
I TRY to stick to this small mix of strawberry yogurt, whatever fresh berries they have that day and a little granola & coconut for kicks...but post-FRIDAY power yoga sometimes finds a little hot fudge hidden under the rubbleJ  Sometimes a gal just can't help herself...but I try my best to reign it in during the weekJ

Workout #2- 2 mile Walk away the pounds with 4 pound weights (Scott stole my 8'sJ)

Dinner:  2 slices Broccoli Pizza + salad
OH, this was SUCH a good idea to use up a random container of steamed broccoli I had in the fridge.  As much as I LOVE going out or ordering in pizza, there's just something about the smell of homemade that is BEYOND cozy.  Plus, with a pre-made dough $1.19 from Trader Joe's this all came together quicker than the delivery man showing up at your door.

I toyed with the idea of topping the pie with caramelized onions and all of those fabulous things, but sometimes I just love the SIMPLE classics!  I'm the same way with pancakes, waffles and popcorn too.  I love a unique flavor, but sometimes this gal just likes a little butter & saltJ  Or in this case...a TON of sliced garlic...

...and some melted cheese.   ...which I never fail to CRISP these daysJ  Opps.  Still delicious, thoughJ

Dessert-  Angel food cake with strawberries
My Mom & Katie made this little cake last week and I finally remembered to pull my portion out of the fridge to have a slice for dessert last night.  Isn't it just too cute??
OK, I'm probably the only one who finds it SOCUTE, but I can't help myselfJ  I'm usually not much of an angel food cake fan, but given my crazy BERRY stage lately, I was all over this one!  (ps-I had a slice out of that above pic...not that whole piece of cakeJ)

So...we're slowly chugging towards the end of this week.  Emphasis on SLOWLY.  Probably doesn't help that I'm have our gal's annual Winter CHEESE party on Friday, along with a few other fun things.  2 more days, 2 more days....we'll make itJ.

Have a good Thursday, everyone!

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