Thursday, February 26, 2015

One of those days...

Yesterday was just one of those days where (dramatic hand gesture) I couldn't figure out what I REALLY wanted, but I just knew it was pretty much NOTHING we had in the houseJ  And I tried...I really tried and didn't just snack through the house while trying to figure out that one thingJ  Here's how this excessively snack-y day went down....

Wednesday Recap:

OK...well FIRST of all, yesterday was one of those days where I could have savored about 56 cups of coffee.  Not solely for the caffeine (although it woulda helped around 1:30!), but just for the one brief moment of relaxed peace in a whirlwind LONG day in the house with a busy 3-year oldJ  (although, even though it started before 7am, yesterday was STILL not as long as last Thursday...shudder).  So yeah, maybe it was that coffee + peace I craved all day long...instead replaced by varying games of "Mommy, why CAN'T I play with the glass/ink/insert your own non-child proofed items kids want to play with while being SURROUNDED by toys."

Breakfast:  6 mini pitas (120 calories) + 2 tablespoon hummus
Yep.  Hungry BEFORE I ate these and still pretty hungry AFTER I ate em too.  Held off long enough to have...

Snack:  No sugar added Chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast 
I try not to have too many of these since the ingredients list is freakishly long, but I guess I wanted a protein excuse for having MORE chocolate milk since Tuesday's real deal was SO GOOD.  I added ice for volume and spinach because of the philosophy:  if ya can't taste it anyway, why not??J  After this the hunger was finally at bay, but I spent a LONG time thinking about what I wanted for lunch that was going to feel satisfying.

Lunch:  100 calorie multi-grain sandwich thin with peanut butter, banana, honey & flax
This did a pretty good job quelling a lot of cravings since it was sweet, salty, crunchy, smooth and FILLING.  Definitely a hit and kept me full for most of the afternoon.

Butttttt...that didn't mean my EXCESSIVE SWEET TOOTH yesterday wasn't pinging again by 3pm.  I kept this to a 140 calorie portion of these DIVINE chocolate/smooth buttery caramel/pecan/QUINOA bites and tried to move on with my day.

But by 5pm, I was SOOOOOOOOO HUNGRY and SOOOOOOOOOOO bone-tired (aka-that specific mental tired that comes along with toddlers on some daysJ) that I just didn't feel like cooking.  So for dinner, I went with the ONE thing that sounded SOGOOD at the moment:  TACO BELL.  I actually can't believe I even was able to EAT Taco Bell after it being a HUGE craving during the REALLLLLY nauseous months, but I must say, last night it tasted even better than I even hopedJ

The one thing I WILL say though, is not only did I feel satisfied after my little splurge, I didn't let it beome an excuse to keep spiraling the night away.  I had my (FAIR!) share of the Bell...did have a FEW bites of frosting (ditching the cake layers since I wasn't crazy for them)...and then spent the rest of the night downing water to combat ALLTHETHINGS.  Despite my splurge, I didn't feel stuffed, gross or use it at as an excuse to keep going back and forth to the kitchen all night as I would have in the past.  I feel like if you can enjoy a splurge and are able to move on, I take that as a sign as my body just REALLY wanted something on the indulgent side and that you obviously really enjoyed it and didn't just eat it JUST to eat it (not that, I'm sure, it didn't NEED Taco BellJ).  I was just happy that the only thing I actually craved for the rest of the night was GRAPESJ   As random as that is, I'll chalk it up to a victory.

I was more mad cause my workouts were limited to chasing Katie around.  I've been doing really well with workouts lately, so I won't be too hard on myself, but it was definitely skipped out of laziness and in the name of indulgence vs. that I didn't actually have time to fit in 30 MINUTES.  

Onward on BOTH accounts today!  

...except that I already spilled a bit of my ONE allowed cup of coffee today on my newly laundered sheets.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr....


And just cause I thought you guys would enjoy this one:  Katie usually sits next to me watching her animal shows on my her Nook (oh yeah-the one I SWORE, pre-children, she would NEVER have.  Yeah, that one.) while I type up these blogs.  And today her snack of choice??  

I can get this child to eat THE most random things at THE most random times.  But don't dare put the EXACT same things in front of her at ACTUAL DINNER TIME and expect her to eat it.  That would just be complete sillinessJ  At this phase of SPECIFIC toddler eating:  I take what I can get WHENEVER I can get itJ

Well, I won't have too much time to ponder cravings today since we have ONE more day of PARTY SHOPPING ahead of us.  That should burn off some of that Taco Bell, no??

Have a great Thursday!J

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