Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A family affair...

Morning, everyone...and if you're on ANY spot in the north east:  Happy snow morning, as this is the view most of us are waking up to this morning:
I was hoping Scott was going to get another snow day with us, but no such luck.  Oh well...I think he at least will get done an hour early since he went in on time, despite a delayJ

Soooooo...anyway, after an EXCESSIVE amount of cake & a blog hiatus, we're back to our first "regularly scheduled post" this morning with a good ole daily food recap...and it turned into a much healthier one than we originally planned, thankfully.

Monday Recap:

Breakfast:  Pancakes with flax
OK...here's where we took a little bit of an "extended weekend liberties" since Scott was wishing for pancakes on his day off and I certainly wasn't going to argue with that ideaJ.

Oh, and Katie wanted to say "Hi"...J

While breakfast was an easy sell, lunch proved to be MUCHHHHHHHHHHH more difficult of a choice.  To the tune of it taking me about an hour & a half to decide what I wanted (blame the reoccurring nausea that's been hanging around this week...UGH!)  We toyed with the idea of going out for lunch, but leaving our house (and our PJ's) to venture in the 12 degree high of yesterday didn't sound too appealing.  Take-out was also tossed around since I've been craving an Italian Hot Dog like woah for about a month...but knew that was a good idea IN THEORY, but doubt it would help with feeling lousy.  So then I went for my SECOND NO-FAIL dinner pick of late (behind ANY Italian food...hence that lovely chicken parm from the weekend):  SCOTT-MADE Asian entreesJ 
Kung Pao Lettuce Wraps (so good) and Basil Chili Garlic Chicken (sooooooooooo good!!) have been two MAJOR hits around here lately, and the return of Kale fried rice was met with the same amount of HAPPY.  Not only was it delicious, but I swear my body was humming from eating something GREEN after what felt like an excessively indulgent weekend.  

Workout #1:  3 mile Walk Away the Pounds
So my new plan is to get Scott & I to sneak in these quick workouts as many times a week as we can squeeze them in.  As I've said probably a zillion times on this blog, these videos were what got me started in exercise to begin with, since I always thought "in the 30 minutes I could debate about whether I wanted to work out or not: I could be done."  They're just that easy & accessible, which is KEY to having a workout you can STICK with (Proof:  these are still in repertoire after 10 YEARS!)  

Plus, we have ZERO excuse since Katie actually thinks it's a game and joins in with us...could you just die from this (sideways??) cuteness??

Of course she also decided she needed a few breaks and promptly plopped in the middle of us with her markers...and workout matJ 

So this MAJORLY hit the spot after the workout, especially sine it's one of my very favorite, favorite smoothies.

And made even happier served up in my NYC glass... 
...because HOW FABULOUS was the SNL 40 show on Sunday night??  I laughed till my face hurt...except during the tribute to my Sweet NYC, which prompted me to burst into tearsJ  Paris & San Francisco may have stolen pieces of my heart, but NYC will always be MA SOUL <3 p="">

Workout #2:  Beginner's Power Yoga
Which felt like one huge stretch after the 3-mile walk...so great!

Snack- Small bowl of Cheerios (not pictured)
Because hunger + nausea do not go well together.  That is all.

Alrighty...well, off to start this snowy day.  I'm torn between two cozy dinner options (one a soup, the other a pasta dish...what sounds better to you??) so we'll see what wins out.  Hope you have a good one and STAY SAFE if you're in the area.  

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