Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Loads of apples...

Morning, everyone!  I feel like it's been a minute & a day since I did a 'recap' post.  You may notice a running theme through today's (and this week's) posts, given that were trying to use up all of our bounty from apple picking a couple weeks ago...
Since last year was a bust on the apple department, we thought we'd get an earlier jump this year and head out in late September.  The only problem THIS time?  The BEES were out in FULL SPLENDOR.  I don't think I'd seen a bee all summer, but they are making a grand appearance in the FALL...BOO!  I'm still kinda shocked we all somehow made it outta that orchard un-stung.  Guess they were more interested in the apples then us, THANKFULLY.

So anyway...back to that recap, shall we??

Monday Recap:

Breakfast- APPLE with peanut butter

So I think the stevia, rather than the ACV, was the cause of my migraines last time I tried these.  I've had a few in the last few weeks and thankfully, all seemed fine going into the evening...soooooo, we're back to incorporating these into the day.  (even if I wouldn't have minded the excuse to skip themJ)

Lunch- "Happy salad"
...oh yeah, and I did add some leftover diced apple from one Katie was noshing on.  Cause...well...APPLES!

Snack #1-  
OK, I am OBSESSED with these things!  They are Greek yogurt crafted to taste like cheesecake.  I was COMPLETELY skeptical at first, but found the consistency (and the lack of 'yogurt tang') to be pretty spot on.  Not the healthiest of yogurt options out there, but if you want something sweet in the afternoon, this isn't a bad place to spend your 180 calories.

Snack #2-
I didn't want to do it, but I was STARVING by 4pm.  So I reached for HALF of one of these delicious Pumpkin 'poptarts.'  They are crumbly, filled with spiced pumpkin filling and just a kiss of icing.  ONE clocks in at 200 calories, so I usually try to stick to 1/2.  (I remember the days when I used to eat a 2-pack and call that breakfast back in the day...ekkkkk!)

Dinner- Autumn Salad
In the mix:
  • Dressing (makes enough for 2+ salads...the + being KatieJ)
    • 1/4 cup olive oil
    • 1/4 cup maple syrup
    • 1 tablespoon balsamic vineger
    • 1 teaspoon dijon mustard
    • salt
  • Salad
    • Lettuce (obv)
    • diced apples (there I go again)
    • shredded cheddar cheese
    • broccoli slaw
    • crumbled bacon
    • crispy sage
Crispy sage is having a well-deserved moment, especially in THIS house, since we LOVEEEEE it.  All ya do is toast up some torn sage leaves in a tiny pat of butter or olive oil and allow them to crisp up.  They. are. awesome. and perfectly FALL-y.  (especially in THIS recipe)

Workout:  Beginner's Power Yoga

Ummmmm...and as GIDDY as I was to find these and finally try them last night was as UN-impressed as I was when I bit into them.  The chocolate was thick and glossy, the sea salt was flavorful and well...saltyJ, and the caramel broke through in the perfect pool of gooey deliciousness...except that it wasn't.  The caramel flavor is barely detectable over the spice, which was WAY too heavy and didn't really blend with the caramel taste at all.  I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do with the rest of the box since I don't know if they're worth any more of the calories.  Sorry, Trader Joe's.  Ya lost me on this one...

But maybe the caramels were 'OFF' since I ate them while trying to prevent myself from bashing my head into the wall while listening to Teresa & Joe Guidice on their post-sentencing interview on WWHL last night.  Oy, those two.  But I still watched, so who's really the foolJ

Alright food AND NJ Housewives chatter concluding.  Hope you guys have a great Tuesday!

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