Thursday, October 16, 2014

Barely made it...

Morning, all!  How 'bout we're already past mid-week AND the Kansas City Royals have made it into the World Series!  Wohooooooooooooo!  I'd chalk that up to a pretty good week so farJ

What also made this week pretty fun was visiting my Aunt & Godmother on Tuesday afternoon, where we had a DELICIOUS lunch of homemade hummus & pita chips (no pics...we were eating too fastJ) and these MONSTER burgers & salad....

And the highlight was my dear Aunt Annie CRACKING UP while trying to blow out her birthday candles....

After, we chowed down on homemade carrot cake...

...while Katie tormented chased my Godmother's dog around relentlessly all day.  Me thinks that dog got a good night sleep after an afternoon with KatieJ

And yesterday was a little more 'back to normal'...

Wednesday Recap:

Breakfast- Apple Cinnamon Oats yogurt & almonds
LOVEEEE this yogurt with its chunks of apple & chewy steel-cut oats.  The addition of almonds wasn't really even needed since the texture was so spot-on with all the add-ins.  I went and bought a new variation of this yogurt yesterday and think I'll be trying it out todayJ

Morning Workout:  Power Yoga
Not sure why, but this class seemed tougher than normal.  Probably because the humidity shot up about 24802384% yesterday and maybe the ole bod wasn't ready for it.  I honestly didn't think I'd make it to shavasana, but I did....barely!

Lunch- Apple with Peanut Butter

Was sooo excited when I saw my girl Bethenny's popcorn sitting on the shelf of my VERY 'local' grocery store (aka-not a chain).  I LOVEEE mini-bags, and 160 calories of butter & sea salt popcorn is just what the afternoon needs.

Evening Workout:  Body Jam
Another sweaty one, but sooooooooooooo fun since it was one of my ALL-TIME favorite routines last night...weeee!

Dinner- Salad
...with arugula, olive oil, grilled chicken (coated in Montreal steak seasoning) & white cheddar cheese, this salad was ACES.  One I'd eat 4 days a week, actually.  The creamy & cool cheddar matched so well with the slightly spicy chicken.  This one made me happy happyJ

Dessert- Pumpkin Cake and....
THE GREAT PUMPKIN!  Katie, Scott & I split those slices of angelfood/pumpkin cake (made by my Godmom) while watching the seasonal classic!

Katie was enamored!
...I mean, we've already watched it 10 times this year via my old 80's VHS tape (complete with 80's commercials!), but we couldn't help watching it again on its 'designated TV special' nightJ

Alrighty...gotta get movin on this day!  Have a great ThursdayJ
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