Friday, October 17, 2014

Back to baking...

Thursday Recap:

Breakfast- Cracker Barrel "Wholesome fixins menu"
Sooooooo, Cracker Barrel has become a bit of a Thursday morning tradition with my Mom, Katie & I.  So since we've been there the last 3 weeks and I had my taste of pancakes & sausage and biscuits, I kinda was in the mood for something else and something LIGHTER.  So after perusing their menu, I stumbled across their 'wholesome fixins' section and mixed and matched to make my own healthier breakfast.  Cheese grits (150 calories) for decadence, turkey bacon (90 calories) for protein and fruit (40 calories) to round it out.  Hit the spot all for under 300 calories, not too bad.

Lunch- Happy Salad

Snack- Skinnygirl Popcorn  

Since the temperature dropped nearly 20 degrees between Wednesday & Thursday, I was MORE than ready for a soup night and once I had this recipe stuck in my head, I knew it was going to be a hit.

Filled with broccoli florets & melty cheese and served with a mini loaf of pretzel bread, this will warm you from the SOUL.  My only regret was we didn't have enough for leftoversJ
Plus my favorite story from dinner was when I went to teach Katie how to dip pretzel bread in soup broth and she said "Mommy, use a spoon."  Touche, little one.  Guess I shouldn't tamper with that one too muchJ

Dessert- 2 Pumpkin Snickerdoodles with PUMPKIN SPICE CHIPS!
After Cracker Barrel, we took our dog & pony show to Target to check out all the Halloween and Christmas decorations and guesssss what I spied in the aisles of GLORIOUS Halloween treats:
OH YES!  So I KNEW they'd be a hit in this cookie recipe.  Katie helped me whip em up when we got home, making sure to check the pumpkin chips for quality control.
I haven't been in too much of a baking mood for a little while, but was SO GLAD to get back in the kitchen.  Dessert of fresh cookies always just FEELS better, ya feel me??  (besides, these Pinterest boards aren't going to make themselves...J)

Alrighty, well after last weekend's busy schedule, I'm ready to have a bit of a 'less overwhelming' one with some Halloween mischief & mayhem mixed inJ  Hope you guys have some great plans too!

Have a great weekend!

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