Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Namaste undone...

Morning, all!  Hope you guys had a great weekend.  Mine included plenty of pictures...just not too many of foodJ  Hahahahahahaha...it was spent going to birthday parties for two of my little cousins...

...one including a petting zoo, which was pretty much thecutestthingeverJ

And Saturday night was spent with a sleepover with my niece that involved homemade pizza...

...and pumpkin cookies, which we ate while bundled up in hoodies and pretending it was FALLJ
Oh yeah...and it was only about 2984023572032 degrees on Saturday when we took this pictures, as we were placed directly in front of the fan when we took this picJ  But thankfully the pumpkin cookies must have ushered in the COOLNESS, as the weather has been nothing short of GLORIOUS around here ever since!  MAGIC COOKIES...mwahahaha!

Andddd that brings us to Monday.  I tried to be VERY consious over the weekend and PAY ATTENTION to what I was eating (including ONE of those cookie sandwhichs), and that helped set me up for a healthier Monday...OK, with one treat in the mixJ

Monday Recap:

10:00am:  Breakfast- 12 almonds & watermelon

1:00pm:  Lunch- "Happy Salad"

3:00pm:  Snack- Chicago Popcorn
Well, it had to happen sooner than laterJ  Cheese & caramel popcorn was DYING to be tried...and it was worth the wait for sweet & salty deliciousnessJ  I used my large ramekin to keep the portion in check, but in honest, the small one would have been just enough tooJ

6:00pm:  Dinner- Taco Salad
I was VERYTEMPTED to have anything BUT salad for dinner last night, so I knew taco salad was the easiest way to 'stick to the plan.'  They're always just so damn good.
  • Kale mix
  • Avocado
  • Ground turkey, seasoned with taco seasoning
  • Diced roasted peppers
  • Red beans
  • Corn
  • Mexican cheese blend

Workout:  Power Yoga
I took a 2 day yoga-hiatus after my Friday class BEAT ME UP, so I was SUPER ready to get back in the swing last night.  And I always love a class that ends in headstands/handstands/shoulderstands....they're just fun to mess around with.

AHHH!  AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED AFTER CLASS!  So I was standing outside the gym talking to my yoga buddy (HI SHARON!!!!) and we were laughing about something and all of a sudden we heard a loud laugh coming towards us...we look over and a car drove by and a man was laughing at us out the window wearing A SCARY CLOWN MASK!!!!!!  I mean, WTF???  I, like MANY FOLKS, do NOT like clowns and I felt an INTERNAL LEVEL of PANIC of about 10000000!J  I've seen different 'reports' of people seeing CLOWNS STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THIER STREETS AT NIGHT in thier neighborhoods.  Dear Jesus, please don't let this become 'a thing' this Halloween season.  I don't think my ole ticker can take itJ  

How's THAT for undoing all of my 'calm Namaste??'

So yeah...thought you'd enjoy my little TERRORJ  Make no mistake that I watched that car and made sure he PULLED AWAY before we ran off to our carsJ hahahahahhaha

ANDDDD on that note, hope you guys have a GREAT/non-terrifying TuesdayJ

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