Thursday, September 4, 2014

Breakin into the snacks...

Wednesday Recap:

Breakfast- Perfect Fit Pancake with peanut butter & lite syrup
And I'd be lying if I said that the above pancake was the actual one from yesterday, as I had yet ANOTHER pancake disaster yesterday morning.  I don't understand it since I've had a perfect track record with the Perfect Fit ones...buttttt, let's just say yeseterday got UGLY!  Sorta looking like this little number.

Morning Workout:  Power Yoga Class
Where my teacher decided to talk about how far we've come and celebrating the little victories of what we've accomoplished....which, of course, made me cry in pigeon poseJ

1:00pm:  Lunch- Salad with grilled chicken, roasted pears, walnuts & blue cheese (not pictured)
It always cracks me up when I forget to take pictures of food since it's what I do ALL DAY/EVERY DAY!  Buttttt I completely lost track when I went to meet two of my ole co-workers for lunch at the local diner and we got to chattin up a storm from the minute we sat down...sooooo, yeah, that happenedJ

4:00pm:  Snack- 1/2 granola bar & 7 dried mandarin oranges
So I just HADDDD to break into my NEW snacks sooner than laterJ  The HONEY SMOKED BBQ granola bar was certainly interesting.  It tasted like a mix of beef jerky (??  I know) and BBQ potato chips...and it was actually SORTA spicy.  I about uniqe.  1/2 was all I could manageJ  And the dried oranges were chewy and sweet, a perfect mix from that odd little snack comboJ

Evening Workout:  Body Jam
Energy OFF. THE. CHARTS last night.  I always love when you feel like you are BEAT, but the great music and class energy just keeps you going.   THAT happened about 84 times last night, since it was an ENERGETIC releaseJ

7:00pm:  Dinner-  Cucumbers & hummus
I was still pretty full since I ate EVERY drop of salad at lunch and sampled those snacks...not to mention I was sweating like crazy when I got home, so this cool 'dinner' hit the spot to finish the day.

Well....yet ANOTHER hot one in Jersey today.  Headin out to enjoy (hopefully) one more day of 'summer fun.'J

Have a great Thursday!

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