Friday, August 15, 2014

Hole in the liquor store...


9:00am:  Breakfast- Rice cake with peanut butter

11:00am:  Snack- Peach

12:30pm:  Lunch- Smoothie bowl with Coconut butter...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
You know I couldn't wait to have another one of these babies with my new jar of coconut butter!  

In the mix:

3:00pm:  Snack #2- Watermelon & Feta

Mmmmmmm...and then it was time for the funJ  We were headed down to Point Pleasant last night (for Katie ScottJ) and decided to try out a new place:  The Hickory Hog BBQ in Point Pleasant Borough...
This place was not really a hole in the wall as much as it was a hole in a liquor store...literallyJ  They shared an entrance with Buy Rite liquor and you would miss it if you didn't know it was there.    ....NOT that any of the locals missed it.  We walked into a clean & quiet dining room, and by the time we left, EVERY table was occupied and calls were coming in left & right for take out.  You KNOW that's a good sign!

And here's why:  Their menu was soooooo good, we had trouble narrowing down our choices.  Lots of unique items including the BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos (fresh chips smothered in pulled pork & cheddar = impossible to be bad!J):

...and "Hog Rolls"

Spring roll wrappers stuffed with pulled pork, cole slaw & cheddar, these made for some unique & interesting bites!

And since we attacked the appetizer menu full-throttle, we decided to split an entree in the hopes of not going OVER-the-top-FULLJ  Scott chose the tender steak tips tossed with BBQ sauce, as well as baked beans, TOTS and corn bread...
...NOT that I got any more than a BITE of my share of cornbread, since Katie decided she LOVED "corn cake" and proceed to eat nearly all of my share and MOST of Scott's tooJ  But EVERY bite of this ENTIRE dinner was delish...a definite 'return to' contenderJ

And after dinner, we walked off our meal by heading to the boardwalk for all of Katie's favs, including the rides:

...and the Thursday night FREE fireworksJ
And not 3 minutes after the last firework exploded in the sky, we felt rain drops which quickly escalated into a full-blown rain storm.  Would now be a good time to mention that someone so kindly left us their parking spot, which still had four hours left on the meter, so we scored free parking last night (SO NICE!  THANKS, KIND PEOPLE)...which was SO GREAT until the storm intensified and we had to walk the looooooonnnggg walk back to our car in the soaking rain since it was a little hike away from the boardwalk??J  Ehhhhh...but what's a little rain compared to saving $10+ on parking, AMIRIGHT?  It was just a funny timing coincidenceJ

We made an attempt to go to Hoffman's, but everyone ELSE must have had the same idea and retreated there as wellJ  That place was STILL packed to the gills on a Thursday night at 10pm!  And waiting 30 numbers + wet clothes didn't seem like too thrilling of a prospect, so we called it a night...and I don't think Katie minded one bitJ

Well, hope you guys enjoyed another 'Jersey shore' recap and have some FUN plans for the weekend!  We definitely have ONE plan for Katie that should be verrryyyyy interestingJ  I'll explain in one second AKA-how fast Monday is going to arriveJ


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