Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Trip to Fantasyland and back...

Hey, all!  Hope you guys had a super weekend!  I didn't visit here yesterday since I figured I didn't have much to show you, seeing as our weekend felt like it was more running around than foodJ  (shocker, I knowJ)  And then around 10 o'clock last night I remembered I had 2 GREAT things to show you...starting with that often teased and finally a reality trip to Emery Berry Patch in New Egypt for some blueberry picking...

...on what was an absolutly GORGEOUS day in the Garden state!
Emery's takes you on a little hayride out to the blueberry patch where you can pick till your hearts content (they also provide the 'picking buckets').  My Mom & I found this fascinating since neither of us had ever seen blueberries 'in the wild'J  Definitely a fun experience...especially on a NOT TOO HOT day in JulyJ
(Although ONE degree hotter and it would have been enjoyable for no one.  Just sayingJ)

BUT the REAL winner of the day was a trip HERE!  (right on Route 539)
How cute is THAT place???  Retro + Ice cream = SIGN ME UP!

And all while you listen to the tunes of "Johnny Angel" & "Boy from New York City," you can mull over your selection...which is A LOT!  TK'S Ice Cream had about 9,000 varieties and options to choose from.  Every other second I was going "Oh, hot waffles and ice cream!"  "Oh, ice cream sandwiches made on fresh peanut butter cookies!", ect.

But my pick was chosen at the last second from when I got up to the window and saw a sign for "Crunchi cream."  Say what???  
After the girl explained it was toppings added INTO the swirled soft ice cream, I was SOLD (you know I love me some texture!  It's what makes the world go roundJ)

And I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to notice the JIMMIES were not just on the outside of the cone, but swirled allllllll the way throughout.  Ummmm....THAT's how you do it!
Andddd...as much as I loved my jimmies, it was only after the fact that I was kicking myself since mini Reese's pieces were at the top of the blend-in listJ  My brain couldn't compute that one quick enough at the window...but make no mistake, it WILL be happening at some point within the next summer monthJ

ANNNNYYYWAY, thought you'd enjoy that little trip back to Fantasyland known as the weekend, before heading back into the reality of MONDAY...

Monday Recap:

9:00am:  Flax pancake with almond butter & syrup

And can I just tell you how I did an ACV shot with ORANGE JUICE yesterday (rather than the ole mango/pineapple).  OMG...NOT pleasant in the SLIGHTEST.  Shudder...

12:30pm:  Lunch- 

3:30pm:  Snack- "Tone it up" Smoothie

6:00pm:  Dinner- Guacamole Club Salad

Workout:  Power Yoga
Not only did I miss my first class with my usual favorite Monday teacher, BUT I drove out to a different fitness center when I found out my OTHER (Wednesday) favorite teacher teaches in Princeton on Monday night....only to get there and it to be a sub.  GRRRRRRRRR!!!  Not that I didn't still like the class and get a great workout from a great instructor...but OH MAN that was a bummer when I walked in.  You know how that is....I mean, right??

Oh well...Namaste.

So it is straight up FALL in NJ today!  The high for the day is 79 and the breeze is making it feel BEYOND glorious.  Hoping to get Katie out for some activity today and I MIGHT have a good idea of what to doJ

Have a great Tuesday!!

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